Odds Run the Gamut for Playboy Acquisition

LONDON — Bookies have created a buzz in recent days, taking on the question of what company or individual will become Playboy Enterprises Inc.’s white knight.

Speculation over the sale of the company has created such an interest that Irish betting firm PaddyPower has created a section solely devoted to the future of Playboy.

PaddyPower indicated that numerous suitors for Playboy are on its short list, including:

  • Larry Flynt, 9-4

  • Donald Trump, 6-1

  • Simon Cowell, 6-1

  • Sean Coombs, 33-1

  • Mel Gibson, 50-1

  • Paris Hilton, 33-1

While British entrepreneur Richard Branson's Virgin Group, which has a minority stake in Virgin Media, said Thursday that it won’t acquire the company, some aren’t so sure that it won’t. (Branson’s PaddyPower odds are 6-4 he will purchase the company.)

Here’s a rundown of some other Playboy bets they are offering:

  • Branson to rebrand tailfins on all Virgin planes with Playboy Bunny logo, 33-1

  • One of Richard Branson's air hostesses to appear in Playboy, 7-4

  • Branson to change the name of Playboy magazine to Virgin, 66-1

  • Branson to insist that all Playboy Bunnies are virgins, 50-1