Stormy Daniels Starts Senate Exploratory Committee

NEW ORLEANS — Adult performer/director Stormy Daniels' candidacy for the U.S. Senate took another step forward today as Daniels announced the formation of a committee to explore a potential campaign.

"Two weeks ago, I embarked on a listening tour where I had the pleasure of hearing the thoughts and concerns of my fellow Louisianans," Daniels said in a statement. "These conversations were highly encouraging and convinced me to officially explore the possibility of running for the United States Senate.

"I do not take this step lightly. While I have been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response my potential candidacy has generated thus far, my decision to run for U.S. Senate will only be made after I have had the opportunity to discuss this prospect with as many people across the state as possible. Too many in government ignore the voices of those whom they claim to represent. I promise you that I will not."

The Daniels campaign has set up a new website,, which is accepting monetary donations online. The original site, which initially supported Daniels as a Senate candidate, remains online.

Daniels said that she will continue her "listening tour," which held meetings with Louisiana residents in Baton Rouge and New Orleans earlier this month, in western and northern Louisiana.

Daniels, who has not yet declared a party affiliation, will be trying for the Senate seat of first-term Republican David Vitter, a conservative who was implicated in the investigation of "D.C. Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey last year.