Good Vibrations Picks Up Handmade Pyrexions Glass Line

SAN FRANCISCO — Adult boutique Good Vibrations has picked up several items from the Pyrexions glass collection, handmade by an artisan based in Ithaca, N.Y.

Good Vibrations buyer Coyote Days told XBIZ that she met Pyrexions owner Aaron Verity at a Las Vegas trade show several years ago, and the quality and selection of the samples he showed her were impressive.

“Initially I could tell that the pieces were well made and I liked the versatility he showed,” Days said. “I didn’t know much about Pyrexions but after checking up on some things and talking more with Aaron I felt his glass would be a good addition to our selection. He’s a true craftsman. We look for glass toys that are designed with pleasure and safety in mind and Pyrexions has these same values.”

Verity told XBIZ that he has always appreciated Good Vibrations dedication to supporting U.S.-made products, and he knows his glass will appeal to the shop’s customer demographic.

“So many boutiques and shops take China glass out of the clamshell and sell it as some kind of art,” Verity said. “In my opinion that’s misrepresenting something.”

Verity said Good Vibrations picked up several of his most popular designs, which are all made by hand without the help of machinery, which means no product is alike, something Days said customers like about glass.

“I think the shapes themselves will be a major point of interest for our customers,” Days said. “I’ve found that our customers really love how glass looks — whether the piece is clear or filled with color and sparkle.”

Glass has become a popular material of choice for toy manufacturing lately, and companies small and large — novelty giant Doc Johnson recently expanded its Glass Dreams line to include six new items — are jumping on the bandwagon.

“Education is what has brought glass to where it is now,” Verity said. “Now it’s been in the market long enough to start to become a staple, and people aren’t as afraid of it anymore.”

Days said the fact that glass is hygienic and good for the body and the environment is one appealing aspect, but her customers most appreciate how the material feels when they use it.

“What really intrigues [customers] is how glass feels, how it interacts with their bodies — the pressure, the slickness and how it differs from the toys they are used to using,” Days said.

Pyrexions currently is carried at the N.Y. Pleasure Chest location, Smitten Kitten, Femme Boudoir and several small adult boutiques in the U.S. For more information, email