LELO Screening Short at Cannes Film Fest

STOCKHOLM — Luxury sex product designer LELO will debut a 15-second film during the Cannes Film Festival, held May 13-24 in Cannes, France. The film will be screened at four locations.

“LELO is luxury and will fit in anywhere art and beautiful esthetics are present and can be appreciated,” LELO Sales and Marketing Manager Shaye Saldana told XBIZ. “LELO works hard at gaining mainstream exposure and if I were to give away all of our secrets, we wouldn’t be LELO would we?”

Saldana said the company collaborated with Canadian postproduction company Spotvision to create a video that “will be viewed by many important eyes.”

On four screens located at four high-traffic areas at the festival — one at the red carpet, one at the entrance to the Palais des Festivals, one at the entrance to the Carlton International Hotel and another at La Croisette — the LELO LUXE line will be featured.

Among the high-end products in the film, all shown in 18-karat gold, are YVA, a precious-metal clitoral vibe; INEZ, reportedly the world’s most-expensive vibrator; OLGA, a G-spot dildo; and EARL, the company’s new “gentleman’s pleasure object.”

"We are excited to be at the world's most famous film festival and meet with celebrities, press and film lovers in Cannes," LELO CEO Kaja Wannberg said.

LELO’s film will share screen time with live feeds from the festival, including interviews with celebrities at festival events and press conferences, movie trailers and program scheduling.

Saldana also said LELO recently was showcased at the Fuori Salone art exhibition in Milan, Italy, a show that focused on how sensuality, seduction and eroticism drive human impulses, and how designers use “pleasure objects” in their creations as art pieces.