XBIZ.net Social Network Goes Live With Version 1.0

LOS ANGELES — Continuing to connect and engage members of the global adult entertainment business community, XBIZ has launched Version 1.0 of adult industry social- networking portal, XBIZ.net.

After beta-launching the site one month ago, the XBIZ development team officially christened the site live.

"We added a number of key features based on all the user feedback we received during the site’s beta period as well as fixed a few bugs," XBIZ President and Chief of Technology Alec Helmy said. "We are confident that XBIZ.net not only exceeds expectations, but that it serves as an invaluable business communication tool for members of the adult entertainment industry around the globe."

XBIZ.net emulates and improves upon a host of pioneering sites like MySpace and Facebook, but besides personal profiles, comments and bulletins, XBIZ.net adds a layer of industry-specific website and user- interaction features that distinguishes it from other social networks.

XBIZ.net offers users a section called Opportunities, which focuses on business related offers, job opportunities and products/services for sale among others. Users can respond directly to any posting in Opportunities and get instant results.

In the past few days, XBIZ.net also has rolled out a custom-designed discussion message board that includes all of the best features of a vBulletin-powered board.

Users also enjoy enormous control over the look of their profiles, with a host of pre-designed themes to choose from, as well as an option that lets users quickly and easily add custom “embed-able” content to their pages, from videos to photo galleries among others.

For more information on XBIZ.net, click here.