XFANZ TV's Look at the 'One Eyed Monster' Premiere Continues

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The XFANZ TV coverage of the red carpet at Monday's premiere of "One Eyed Monster" at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills continues. Adam & Eve contract performer Kayden Kross hosts the coverage.

Adult performer Tommy Gunn admits that he isn't in "One Eyed Monster" and knows nothing about the plot, but looks intrigued when Kross explains it to him. Mary Carey tells what she's been up to, including mainstream appearances and a new porn movie coming out in June.

Kross introduces performer/director Joanna Angel ("If you guys don't know her, you’re stupid ... Sorry.") who describes her black attire by saying "This is a mainstream movie, so I wanted to be 'mainstream.' But I still wanted to show [that] I'm a whore making an appearance at a mainstream event. I want to blend in with the other non-whores."

Mainstream actor Charles Napier, who appeared in several Russ Meyer films and is in "One Eyed Monster," tells Kross, "When I read the script, I said, 'This is not porn, it’s a comedy.' It was tough, talking about the subject matter without breaking a smile."

“One Eyed Monster” is a comic homage to monster movies. In the film, the cast and crew of an adult production, stranded in a blizzard, must band together to fight a mysterious and deadly alien — which has possessed a runaway body part of the lead porn actor, played by Ron Jeremy. With the monster on a killing spree, the race is on to trap and destroy it before it seeds the planet.

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