‘Dirtiest Girl in the World’ Sasha Grey Profiled in Rolling Stone

LOS ANGELES — The mainstream press can’t get enough of porn ingénue Sasha Grey. The adult star is riding a wave of national recognition for her starring turn in the Steven Soderbergh-directed “The Girlfriend Experience,” which premiered last night at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Rolling Stone, which has taken note of Grey before by featuring her in its 2008 Hot List, has gone more in-depth in its latest issue with a full profile on her, written by Vanessa Grigoriadis who describes Grey as a Kate Beckinsale lookalike and “the smartest person I’ve ever met in that industry.”

Calling her the “avenging angel of porn” and the “dirtiest girl in the world” Grigoriadis mentions Grey’s famous friends (rockers Dave Navarro and Billy Corgan), her taste in cinema and music and her larger aspirations after porn.

“She is not that interested in a lot of the porn she shoots anymore,” Grigoriadis told Rolling Stone’s Rock & Roll Daily. “She said, ‘I don’t need to see genitalia up close; I don’t need to see a dirty yellow couch against a white wall. I want to see something different, like this is not exciting to me.’”

Grigoriadis also compares Grey’s perspective on her profession and its impact to that of pop star Taylor Swift in that both women are precocious, ambitious and believe what they are doing is good for all women “even though Sasha’s case is completely different than Taylor’s.”

“To me, what’s most important about her is her impact on feminism,” Grigoriadis said. “Porn has been one of feminism’s most divisive issues because it hits on such a raw level to so many woman. Here are the fantasies of men, and it’s of course better to live out those fantasies through pornography than to try to do them in the real world, but the fact is the real world is impacted by it. Grey says, ‘If you look at me and you think ‘Here’s a woman who’s intelligent, cognizant and making her own choices, and you still tell me that what I’m doing is wrong, screw you, because that should end the debate.’”

An online teaser for the print piece can be found here, and a slideshow of exclusive photos from Grey’s spread can be viewed here.