Evan Stone Lends Voice to Animated Gay Adult Title

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Evan Stone will appear in a gay adult title, but only with his voice.

Stone has taken on the voice-talent duties for Adult Source Media’s new gay adult title “Pirate’s Booty.” The movie is apparently a full-on parody of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, and Stone is taking on the Johnny Depp role as Capt. Jack Swallows.

Company owner and "Booty" director Wendy Crawford praised Stone's performance, calling it "amazing." She called Stone and personally offered him the role.

"After seeing the amazing film they put together, I knew this was something I would have a lot of fun doing," Stone said.

"Pirate's Booty" features a 60-minute storyline packed with characters who explore the uncanny valley as they explore each other's bodies. This is Adult Source Media's third animated feature, coming behind "Pinks" and "Pleasure Island."

Besides animated erotica, Adult Source Media also acquires licenses and finances the production of exclusive content for distribution.

Stone's latest adult credit is as Capt. Kirk in Hustler's spoof, "This Ain't Star Trek XXX." He got some mainstream attention — and notoriety — earlier this year when an adult title featuring him was inadvertently broadcast during the Super Bowl.