Private, GameLink to Combine Affiliate Programs

BARCELONA — As part of an effort to expand its platform into Europe, Private has announced it will combine its affiliate program, PrivateCash, with GameLink affiliate program GameLink Partners.

Ilan Bunimovitz, EVP of Private’s Online Division, told XBIZ that the combination of the affiliate programs would create a one-stop shop for the affiliates of both programs that would offer all of the statistics, tools and material to work with any of the companies' properties.

"We're going to build the greatest affiliate program that will benefit webmasters worldwide," GameLink's Director of Business Development Jeff Dillon told XBIZ. "It will cater to all affiliates — no matter if they run our subscription channels, mobile or dating. It will extend to any language, any country and will offer customized content and billing options."

To customize content specifically targeted to European consumer tastes and interests, Dillon said the company will utilize data analytics that GameLink has collected throughout the years. It also will acquire content produced worldwide that will best serve each country.

“This will extensively expand the companies' affiliate revenue channels and strategic opportunities online,” the company said., which features more than 70,000 adult movies, will be available in multiple languages, currencies and pricing options, in addition to select European content that will be added incrementally.

"We're very excited to be launching GameLink in Europe,” said Ilan Bunimovitz, EVP of Private’s Online Division. “GameLink already receives a large quantity of international traffic, and by catering specifically to the needs of consumers in Europe, we'll be able to quickly — and significantly — increase our conversion rates and revenue. This expansion, along with our affiliate and mobile initiatives, offers many new sources of traffic that will be very profitable."

The companies also announced the development of a proprietary website optimized for mobile devices that will offer customized mobile content. The site will launch concurrently with the international expansion.

“Utilizing advanced customer segmentation and personalization techniques along with a new mobile-specific platform, GameLink will put the right content in front of customers faster, requiring fewer clicks to complete a transaction,” a company press stated. “GameLink also is making these exciting new platforms and technologies available to strategic partners, creating even more opportunities for increased partnership and revenue.”