Tina Tyler Goes to Canada for Cancer Treatment

MONTREAL — Director-turned-performer Tina Tyler, who made a short-term return to performing earlier this year, has moved to Canada for cancer treatments.

"I am going in for surgery on the 20th, and the prognosis is excellent," Tyler, who is a Canadian citizen, told XBIZ. "I just did not have time to wait for the Obama administration to do the universal health care. Because I still had the option, I exercised it immediately. I believe they will fix the health care situation, I just didn't have time to wait for it.

"There was no point in going bankrupt while I was trying to heal. Stress is the No. 1 killer on the planet."

Tyler had been an active performer in the early '90s and moved behind the camera as a director, working for Mercenary Pictures in series including "SuperWhores," "Black Moon' Risin'," "Fresh Out the Box" and her male-solo series "HandyMan."

"The plan is that once everything is fine and I have a clean bill of health, I'm looking at coming back," Tyler said. "But that's a year to 18 months away, and there are a lot of question marks before that decision is made."