Good Vibrations Rolls Out New Eco-Friendly Line of Toys

SAN FRANCISCO — In anticipation of Earth Day later this month, adult novelty retailer Good Vibrations has unveiled a new environmentally conscious line of toys called Ecorotic.

The Ecotoric line focuses on delivering toys made from organic products and powered with rechargeable batteries. As with all Good Vibrations products, none of them include phthalates, the widely frowned-upon and mostly banned plastic softener.

Good Vibrations staff sex expert Dr. Carol Queen said that there's no reason why sound ecological thinking can't be sexy.

“Sex is part of our lives, so any issue that concerns us out of the bedroom has implications inside it: if we recycle, buy local produce, watch our carbon use, and think ecologically in other ways, it makes sense to do the same when we make sexual choices," she said. "Our well-being and that of the earth are connected, so consider where you can go Ecorotic.”

Queen added that her company likes to promote environmentally healthy practices like buying locally, using organic ingredients and buying products in recycled packaging.

“What makes sex green?” she asked. “In the first place, most people have sex in ways that use the earth’s resources lightly, with a way smaller carbon footprint than taking a drive.”

Earth Day is April 22.