Sweden Targets Adult Webcam Tax Evaders

STOCKHOLM — The Skatteverket, also known as Sweden’s tax authority, has turned its attention to adult webcam performers who may not be paying their fair share of personal income tax.

The Skatteverket estimates there are between 300 and 500 webcam models — mostly women — and so far the agency has identified about 200 online performers in the country.

The webcam businesses are estimated to generate about $5 million, or 40 million Swedish kronor, of which half is tax revenue, according to news agency TT.

Dag Hardyson, project manager for Skatteverket's investigation of online businesses, said that the government found that, while there is so much free content available, there also has been an increase in the number of webcam performers.

Hardyson said that the Skatteverket was tipped off by tax officials in the Netherlands.

“[O]ur colleagues in Holland said, 'We have a problem, so it's obvious that you have a problem,’" he said.

According to a report on Sveriges Radio, only one of the individuals audited by Skatteverket has submitted an income declaration.

Sweden has a sliding-scale individual income tax of 29 percent to 59 percent.

It’s the second-highest tax burden in the world, at an average 47.8 percent; Denmark is in first place at 48.4 percent.