Final 6 Webisodes for ‘Sun Goddess: Malibu’ Now Online

LOS ANGELES — skinworXXX has released the final six webisodes for its upcoming movie, “Sun Goddess: Malibu,” on

All 12 webisodes are available for free in anticipation of the full-length movie’s release on standard DVD, Blu-ray and video-on-demand in April.

Among the behind-the-scenes footage is Teagan Presley discussing how she prepares for an anal scene.

“I don’t eat for at least a day before I shoot,” Presley said. “No one wants to see anything that shouldn’t be seen, and I like to be perfect for my costar and my fan. This was my first scene with Sasha Grey and I wanted it to be perfect. By the way, if Sasha reads this, she needs to know I am her new stalker.”

Also featured in the webisodes are Eva Angelina, who’s committed to perform in the upcoming “Sun Goddess: Jamaica” and the director of both movies, Joshua.

“These last six episodes show just as a unique look at the adult world as the first six, but less poop talk and more drama this go around,” Joshua joked. “Teagan and I have a nice little heated argument, and we had the cameras following us all day and completely forgot they were there by the time we got into it.”

All 12 webisodes are iPhone compatible and can be viewed by pointing your mobile Safari browser to

The search for Sun Goddess contest, a fan vote to determine the stars of “Jamaica,” kicks off in April.