Gamma Entertainment Signs With The Adult Broker

LOS ANGELES — Gamma Entertainment has tapped the marketing and consulting services of Lori Z. of The Adult Broker, who will help develop the company’s vast network of programs, including FameDollars, BuddyProfits and PornAccess.

“We are happy to work with someone like Lori Z.,” Gamma Vice President Fred G. said. “With all our ongoing projects at Gamma Entertainment, we feel that Lori's vast knowledge of the adult market, all her contacts, as well as her ability to connect the dots will definitely help us explore and develop new ventures.”

Lori Z. said she looks forward to solidifying Gamma’s suite of online brands, and teaming with the company came at the perfect time for The Adult Broker.

“After so many years of knowing each other, this is a great opportunity to front line even bigger deals together,” Lori Z. said. “TAB has increased staff over the last year so the dual layer of support for Gamma Entertainment is ready and waiting.”

Lori Z. also said that a selection of new Gamma projects will launch this year, and she and her network of clients will network in all sectors of the industry, forming new relationships, partnerships and business deals.

Lori Z. and the Gamma team will be on hand at the Phoenix Forum, April 2-4 in Tempe, Ariz. To schedule a meeting, email or ICQ 289567792.