XBIZ TV: Scott Coffman Interview With Greg Piccionelli

LOS ANGELES — Scott Coffman, founder and CEO of AEBN — billed as the world's largest adult video-on-demand technology company — spoke with XBIZ TV on the future of the adult entertainment industry, his industry roots and AEBN’s new haptic device.

XBIZ TV presents the 18-minute interview, moderated by adult industry attorney Gregory Piccionelli, who called AEBN “the most innovative adult entertainment company on Earth.”

Coffman spoke about how his company was able to grow so quickly over 10 years with the help of affiliate webmasters.

“We did a revshare for life [program],” he said. “Our principal was that once you build up this client base, why leave us? That’s why we don’t lose affiliates.”

Coffman also spoke about the concept of its tube site, PornoTube, and xPeeps, which used MySpace as its model for the adult entertainment equivalent.

AEBN’s leader also explained in-depth AEBN’s RealTouch, which uses haptic technology along with encoded content from AEBN’s vast adult library, and said that interactivity over the Internet is the future.