Jimmyjane Expands AfterGlow Massage Candle Collection

SAN FRANCISCO — High-end sex product manufacturer Jimmyjane has added Dark Vanilla and Cucumber Water scents to its collection of AfterGlow massage candles.

Each candle comes with a small body brush that allows for easy, no-mess use of the warm high-slip oil that forms as the paraffin-free candle burns.

“All of our designs are created in-house, ensuring that every product in our collection is distinctly Jimmyjane,” Jimmyjane founder and Creative Director Ethan Imboden said. “We have developed a proprietary blend of spa-grade ingredients that provides silky sensation at the prefect melting point, enabling us to deliver not only a candle of the highest quality, but also a uniquely sexy experience.”

Imboden said the AfterGlow line was designed to engage users’ sense of sight, scent and “tactile thrill,” creating a soothing, scented atmosphere in the room before blowing out the flame and dripping the warm oil onto awaiting skin.

The new Dark Vanilla scent delivers a vanilla orchid smell with a musky liquor finish, and Cucumber Water offers light floral notes with a sweet finish.

The AfterGlow collection also is available in four other varieties: Fig Leaf combines leafy green notes with lush black mission fig; Pink Lotus offers deep floral notes; Bourbon is smoky and oaken, with a caramel finish; and Black Currant features a dark, ripe berry smell.

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