Offers PornSetLive Feed

PHILADELPHIA — Online content provider has teamed up with studio partner PIJ Inc. on a new project, PornSetLive, which will stream live porn shoots straight from the set to customers’ home computers.

The first live streams were aired on HotMovies Friday and Saturday. The next scheduled shows will be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, February 11-13, between 1-7 p.m. PST. The live streams will be on a regular recurring basis thereafter.

“We are really excited to offer this groundbreaking new feature to our customers,” said James Cybert, director of business development. “We love giving fans what they want and this feed gives them a very intimate and honest look at what goes into the making of a porno.”

With streams running five hours or longer, there is perhaps some pressure on producers to keep things interesting for a viewing audience. So far, Cybert said, they have done a stellar job. “I have been watching the feed all day,” he said. “I am very impressed with both the quality and entertainment value of the live feed so far.”

The show uses multiple cameras, cutting between on-set action and the production team, with people from the set also providing a running commentary. One segment from the first day reportedly featured a starlet grabbing the camera and shooting an exchange where she helps her newbie co-star find — and stimulate — her clit. “That’s the magic of a live feed,” Cybert said. “You never quite know what will happen.” Offered on HotMovies as PornSetLive, the feed is the creation of Pete Cash and Louis Deville.

“We are bringing our viewer the ultimate interactive experience of what it's like to be on a porn set,” Cash said. “The filming of a scene is captured and broadcast live from beginning to end, from trying on clothes to the post-coital shower. The main attraction is the sex that can be viewed unedited as it's happening. During downtime, a charismatic porn star host takes the fans on a behind the scenes tour, interviewing and playing around with the performers, until every little secret about them is known. With PornSetLive, you are not just watching porn. You are in it.”

The producers and Cybert agreed that another positive aspect of the project is the opportunity to show fans the light-hearted nature of the set, and the fun that the cast and crew is having just doing their jobs.

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