Club Jenna Scene Interrupts Super Bowl Broadcast in Arizona

TUCSON, Ariz. — A knee injury ended Evan Stone's football career, but he got to appear in the Super Bowl last night. Part of him, anyway.

Late in last night's telecast of the NFL championship, viewers in Tucson, Ariz., got a 30-second surprise when the game cut away to a scene from a Club Jenna production featuring Stone. The interruption came soon after receiver Larry Fitzgerald scored a touchdown that put the underdog Arizona Cardinals ahead.

Stone learned the news from XBIZ, and after getting over his disbelief, he burst into laughter.

"That's incredible," he said, adding that he thought he had reached the peak of his media saturation when his face appeared on an episode of "South Park."

"The people who appear on 'South Park,' they usually destroy them," he said. "When I saw myself on that show, I figured, 'I'm vindicated. This is all I need.' But this, wow."

The clip appeared on Tucson-based KVOA-TV, but according to preliminary reports, cable provider Comcast is to blame for the snafu.

"The feed originated with NBC local affiliate KVOA in Tucson and traveled via a fiber optic line to the Cox Cable Company, which then relayed the feed through a separate line to Comcast," said tech analyst Ian Paul. "Both KVOA and Cox say the problem lies with Comcast, as the KVOA feed was porn-free when it left the station, and Cox did not receive any complaints from its customers."

Naturally, Stone doesn't want Comcast to take all the credit.

"Oh, it was all a master plan," he said. "I had been planning this for years. It serves them right for not letting me play in the game."

Apparently, Stone might have had a shot at the big leagues, once upon a time. He said he played football at Western Michigan University until a knee injury ended his career at age 18.

But it all worked out for Stone in the end, even if it didn't for the Arizona Cardinals. Soon after Fitzgerald's score (and Stone's cameo), Pittsburgh rallied to score another touchdown in the waning moments to capture the Lombardi Trophy.

The scene was reportedly from Club Jenna's "18 'n' Up Wet Poons."

The scene is embedded below. An uncensored version is available at