Studio 2000 Unveils ‘Chris Steele Superstar’

SAN FRANCISCO — Gay adult boutique company Studio 2000 has unveiled "Chris Steele Superstar," a best-of compilation packaging the fan-favorite performer's studio work with a range of supplementary material, including Steele's original audition session.

Nine scenes filmed by Steele in 1998 and 1999 are included in the package, including vignettes from "Night Riders" (with costar Nick Savage), and "Cadet" (with John Ross).

Also included are three scenes from "Trust Me" (two with Buddy Jones, and a third with Drew Peters), as well as two vignettes apiece from "Uncle Jack" (Cody Matthews and Peter Wilder) and "Czech Point" (a threesome featuring Steve Harper and Thomas Lloyd, and a duo with Pavel Novotny).

The two-disc set runs approximately two hours. Bonus features include Steele's original videotaped audition session for the studio, as well as an early personal appearance and strip show performed by Steele at The Nob Hill Theater in San Francisco.

He also recorded a new interview as well as scene commentary. Steele has retired from performing and is currently a director and Head of Production for Jet Set Productions.

"I was happy to work with Studio 2000 on this project," he said. "Having now seen the two-disc set, I'm impressed with its quality. This is more than just a greatest hits collection: We recorded audio commentary, shot a new interview and they unearthed lost footage. I think my fans will love it, and hopefully we'll win over a lot of new ones, too."

Additional installments in Studio 2000’s "Superstar" series are centered on performers DC Chandler, Ace Hanson, Trevor Knight and Sonny Markham. For wholesale-retail information, visit Studio 2000 online or call 800-435-2445.