FlavaWorks Wins Lawsuit Against City of Miami

MIAMI — Gay content provider FlavaWorks announced today that it has won its federal lawsuit against the City of Miami.

FlavaWorks originally sued the City of Miami in September 2007, disputing the enforcement of the city’s zoning laws against CocoDorm.com, its site that broadcasts the daily lives of several FlavaWorks models. The company argued that the laws did not apply in this case because “all business activity occurs elsewhere.”

“Since the Miami zoning ordinance is designed to restrict establishments that offer adult entertainment or services to the public at their physical location, that ordinance cannot be ‘applied to a particular location that does not, at that location, offer adult entertainment’ or services to the public,” the summary judgment said.

“We have fought very hard on this, and never once did we lose faith,” said Phillip Bleicher, FlavaWorks CEO. “We’re pleased with the case’s ruling and to know that justice has prevailed on our side.”

FlavaWorks said its next course of action is to seek out those who sparked the suit by anonymously distributing packets containing “defamatory documents” to local news agencies and dorm neighbors.