Erotica Classic Among New Releases from Channel 1 Releasing

LOS ANGELES — A spiced-up compilation, an all-black sexfest and a gay adult classic are among the latest offerings from production and distribution company Channel 1 Releasing. All three DVDs street Feb. 3.

"Blake Riley's Movin' In" is compilation shot by directrix Chi Chi LaRue for her Rascal Video label. A new vignette has studio exclusives Blake Riley and Jeremy Bilding playing horned-up roommates.

Featured players among the collected scenes include Theo Blake, Caleb Carter, Maxx Diesel (the gay-adult stage name of hetero performer Christian XX), Joe Foster, Jean-Francois Laroche, Kent Larson, Alex LeMonde and Eddie Stone.

Next on the menu is "Chocolate Dessert," originally released by All Worlds Video in 1996. The extravagantly endowed Kevin Kemp and Bam costar for director Peter Goesinya.

Supporting players include an array of fan-favorite African-American performers: Austin Black, Bobby Blake, Flex-Deon Blake (billed as Deon), Tyson Cane, Duke Johnson, Dennis Lee and Richard Reyes.

Filmed in the late 1970s, "A Married Man" was the first film produced by William Higgins for his then-nascent Catalina Video. Channel 1 Releasing is billing the re-release, the oldest title in their catalog, as a "35th Anniversary Edition."

Erotica legend Jack Wrangler is the headliner. Clips of his performance with costar Joe Roberts — as well as the title track "Smoggy City" crooned by Wrangler himself — were featured in 2008 documentary "Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon" (Automat Pictures/TLA Releasing).

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