YouTube Launches New Abuse and Safety Center

SAN BRUNO, Calif. — YouTube has launched a new Abuse and Safety Center designed to help users make the site as safe as possible for families to surf and negotiate.

An array of agencies collaborated with YouTube to build the Abuse and Safety Center, including the Anti-Defamation League, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the National Crime Prevention Council.

Upon visiting the center, users are given a list of abusing activities to report, including sexual abuse, harassment, hateful content and impersonation. Users also can report users they think are suicide threats. Users will be able to block private messages from abusive users and delete malicious comments in quantity.

Of interest to the adult industry is the option to report violations to YouTube's community guidelines. YouTube recently made public an effort to crack down on all kinds of adult content, including videos that don't include nudity. These clips have survived the YouTube censors because they adhere – if just barely – to the Internet giant's terms of service, which prohibit pornographic content.

Adult performer Nikki Benz maintains an active YouTube channel, where she posts non-explicit shout-outs to fans. The YouTube staff hasn't shut her down – yet. In the event that Benz does lose her YouTube privileges, she said that she would continue promoting herself through other social networking sites, including Flickr and Twitter.

To visit YouTube's new Abuse and Safety Center, click here.