OneUp Scores U.S. Distribution for SinFive

Tod Hunter
ATLANTA — OneUp Innovations, makers of the Liberator and other bedroom lifestyle gear, has agreed to be the exclusive North American marketing partner of SinFive sex toys. OneUp will import, package and market the SinFive lines, including vibrators, dildos and anal beads.

"I am pleased to have found a partner who is a true authority on the adult market in North America,” said Andreas Windler, CEO of SinFive. “Liberator is known internationally for manufacturing and sourcing the best and most original bedroom adventure gear, and we are confident that they will best articulate the benefits of the SinFive line.”

SinFive products have been made in Germany by WolWin GmbH & Co. since 2007. The sex toys are based on design that harmonizes quality, functionality and sensuality, using non-toxic body-safe thermoplastic elastomer. SinFive products are waterproof and meet WolWin’s strict quality standards. All SinFive products are named in Esperanto, and the name SinFive alludes to the fifth of the seven deadly sins, lust.

"Liberator is the leader in satisfying customers’ taste for erotic pleasure objects from around the world. With SinFive, we have discovered a line that is superior not only in quality but in design and performance,” said Louis Friedman, CEO of OneUp Innovations. “I am confident that, with the backing of our in-house marketing and creative team, we will promote SinFive to its full potential.”

The suggested retail prices of the SinFive products range from $40-$99 and can be purchased at or through one of the company’s wholesale partners. More information about SinFive and other personal pleasure products marketed by Liberator also is available at