Adult's Response to Prop. 8 Grows Louder

SAN FRANCISCO — Gill Sperlein, general counsel of Titan Media, is like many gay Californians. Recently wed to his partner, he now faces an uncertain future.

"Tuesday night was so difficult for many of us. We saw so many celebrate the election of the first African-American president," Sperlein told XBIZ. "Many of us were disappointed that we couldn't participate in the celebration."

"Tuesday was a very dark day," Sperlein added.

Although the proposition is expected to pass once the votes are certified, lawsuits have been filed that seek to prevent the implementation of the law.

"My mood after reading those legal briefs changed substantially," Sperlein said.

"I'm very confident that they will stay the implementation."

The lawsuits charge that changes to the state Constitution are so broad and fundamental that it equates to an amendment of the Constitution.

"The civil rights of California citizens should not be decided by the whim of the majority," Sperlein stated.

The next step in a complicated legal proceeding will be a stay of the implementation of the proposition while it is argued in the state Supreme Court. The same court that overturned the previous ban on same-sex unions earlier this year will hear the recent arguments.

The adult industry has voiced its support of gay marriage. Sperlein observed "the straight community in the industry has viewed this issue in parallel to the gay community.

"I've received several emails offering support, condolences and well wishes."

Other leading GLBT industry members expressed disappointment that the proposition succeeded.

“We’re all very disappointed that Prop Hate passed, but the silver lining in this sad situation is that it was such a close call," Andrew Moore, director of public relations for Channel 1 Releasing, told XBIZ.

"It wouldn’t surprise me to see this battle for equality reaching the U.S. Supreme Court; who regardless of beliefs must look at law and law alone, and will hopefully find this unconstitutional on a federal level.”

Attorney General Jerry Brown stated earlier today that marriages that have taken place prior to the decision would remain valid. Although the ballot initiative does not specifically state that marriages would be revoked, The National Center for Lesbian Rights and Lambda Legal Defense Fund have stated that there is no guarantee that supporters of the ban will not file suit to invalidate those marriages.