Bear Video Hugs Jack Radcliffe

LAS VEGAS — The storied career of gay erotica legend Jack Radcliffe has been commemorated with “The Jack Radcliffe Series” DVD boxed set from Bear Video. “These are the movies that rocketed Jack into bear history and fueled fantasies that launched a million loads,” the studio announced.

Seven Radcliffe films have been digitally remastered for the collection: “Uncut Footage” (1989), “Classic Bear” (1996), “Bear Sex Party” (1996), “Palm Springs Vacation” (1997), “Leather Bears at Play” (1997), “Big Bear Trucking Co.” (1999), and “Big Bear Trucking Co. 2” (2001).

The total running time for all films is 9 hours, 48 minutes.

The films are arranged chronologically and have been packaged in a custom-designed slipcase designed to appeal to collectors.

“Jack has been the subject of calendars, websites and countless internet websites that offer a heartfelt homage to his furry perfection,” Bear Video said.

“With an easy grin, sparkling green eyes, a lumberjack body and a big, uncut cock, it’s easy to see why his fame continues as the epitome of rugged masculinity.”

The focus of Bear Video is on “products and videos that embody the ideals of iconic hyper-masculinity, which reflect the aspirations and interests of primal gay and bisexual men and their admirers.”

BEAR is a subsidiary line of Bear OmniMedia, the largest gay adult company with a focus on the bear/hair/leather market.

The Jack Radcliffe boxed set was set in motion earlier this year with Bear OmniMedia’s acquisition of venerable boutique studio Brush Creek Media. Three individual Radcliffe titles, included in the boxed set, were among the first Brush Creek films to be re-released on DVD.

Other recent releases include “House of Leather” from fellow Bear OmniMedia subsidiary line Backroom Films.

Wholesale-retail information may be gleaned online or by calling 866-766-0708.