Third World Media Releases ‘Foreskin Frenzy’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Third World Media has announced the release of the gay title “Foreskin Frenzy.”

The title also will be available online from AEBN from Nov. 3 to Dec. 3. The movie also will be featured on Third World Media’s streaming theater site

Directed by Ed Hunter, “Foreskin Frenzy” features bareback action, ass-to-mouth and cock-docking.

"For men who have been circumcised, and that's most of the men in the U.S., the elusive foreskin holds immense fascination," Hunter said. "There so much fun you can have with a foreskin — tug-of-wars, foreskin fucking, cock-docking.”

To view the trailer for “Foreskin Frenzy,” click here.

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