Pipedream Products Eyes European Expansion After Venus Berlin

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — On the heels of the Venus Berlin erotic expo, adult novelty company Pipedream Products is looking to expand its presence in Europe.

Pipedream Products’ Chief Operating Officer Nick Orlandino explained that his company recently lost distribution in Europe.

“Since DCL Europe shut down their distribution in Europe, we’ve been looking for new distributors in every country to carry our extensive line,” he said. “The fair gave us a chance to meet face to face with some really great companies, and we’ve set up successful partnerships that we hope will bring long and prosperous relationships in Europe.”

But despite the need to find new European distribution, Orlandino said that he felt like the show was a success for Pipedream, which hosted its first full booth at the show.

In the runup to Venus Berlin, Pipedream expanded its Fetish Fantasy Series, a line of light-bondage toys, all of which the company displayed at its booth.

“It’s an exciting time at Pipedream right now as we continue to grow in this bad economic climate, especially with competition coming from all around the globe,” Orlandino said. “By offering unique products at a fair price, we’re poised for the future and look forward to expanding our European ventures.”

For more information, visit PipedreamProducts.com or email info@pipedreamproducts.com.