Adam & Eve Reports Strong Q3 Sales

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Adult entertainment giant Adam & Eve reports that despite a troublesome economy, the company earned strong third-quarter sales. Sales, orders and new customers were all higher than expected.

“With the recent financial happenings and the upcoming election, we are still seeing strong sales, and we expect that for the fourth quarter as well,” Adam & Eve Marketing Director Chad Davis said. “Our traditional marketing efforts are still holding up and, the award-winning website, continues to grow. Our depth of product offered on the site, coupled with good prices and great customer service continue to help us stand apart from our competition.”

Davis credits the uptick in business to the company’s multi-channel multimedia advertising and marketing approach.

“Even though many retailers are feeling a pinch in sales, our marketing campaigns in varied media channels help us maintain being in customers' and prospects' mind when they want quality adult material," Davis said.

On the web side, traffic for the flagship site decreased, but conversion ratios improved. All significant marketing channels for saw increased sales that have resulted in double digit increases in sales.

"I feel confident that our year-end results will be just as positive," Davis said.