Jenna Jameson Shows Pregnancy on

LOS ANGELES — Adult star, industry dynamo and mom-to-be Jenna Jameson can now add another title to her growing credits: pregnant poster mom.

The star is expecting twins.

The pictures are decidedly low-key, but her postings on are anything but, as the proud mom calls herself a "Fine ASS Mommy To Be!!!!!" And her fans agree with hundreds of posts to her profile on the popular social-networking site.

Jameson offers an insight to her pregnancy via posts. One recent post updates how she feels:

"Yes everyone, I can officially confirm that Tito and I are expecting twins! I had my second ultrasound today and was greeted by two big healthy babies with pounding hearts," Jameson wrote.

"I truly feel like finally the time is right and god has blessed me. I have never felt more like a woman, or more alive."

Jameson also details her physical well being as well as the traditional pains and discomfort of pregnancy.

"I have been spending my days on bed rest, not because it is doctor-ordered ... but because, I am so incredibly fatigued and nauseous. It's hard to drag myself out of bed some mornings, which is hard for me ... since I am always so active! I have officially gained 7 pounds so far, and am planning on a lot more. I crave fruit by the gallon ... oranges and pineapple are at the top of my list. Cereal at 3 a.m. suits me every night!"