Third World Media Releases 'Bi Pole Her 3'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Third World Media next week will release "Bi Pole Her 3," the third volume of its anything-goes series.

Nicole, Anna Bella, Ana, Bianca Lopes, Rick, Sandro, Arconjo, Alexandre, Erick, Rafael and Bruno star in the DVD, which features 100 percent bareback bisexual sex. Extras include solo scenes with Alexandre, Anna Bella, Arconjo and Bianca Lopes.

"There's an amazing pent-up demand for well-produced and well-shot bisexual titles," said Ed Hunter, the director of the film. "The last two volumes of 'Bi Pole Her' flew off our shelves and I truly believe it has to do with the cast. The girls are beautiful and the guys are hot. It's truly raunchy stuff with lots of ass-to-mouth, pussy-to-mouth and man-ass-to-pussy action, all of it bareback. There's nothing they won't do."

"Bi Pole Her 3" hits stores Oct. 20.

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