Marco Banderas ‘Porn Life’ Music Video Debuts This Week

LOS ANGELES — Adult contract performer Marco Banderas is preparing to launch his music career with the debut of a music video for a song — fittingly titled “Porn Life.”

Marco’s wife Lisa told XBIZ Banderas recently shot the video in the Los Angeles area over the course of three days on a budget of about $20,000.

A TV crew from Alama TV, a program on Los Angeles-area Spanish-language channel KRCA was on the set and aired footage, including interviews with the Spanish porn star and director, who recently released “Marco’s Dirty Dreams 1” for XCartel.

It was the TV station that originally prompted Banderas to shoot the video, to provide “a visual” to go along with the song, which sounds like it was created with mainstream appeal in mind.

“We did a commercial version and a hardcore version,” Lisa told XBIZ, adding it was indeed “singing and fucking at the same time.”

The video will debut Thursday on Banderas’ website,, Lisa said, but photos and some video footage can be seen on his MySpace profile.

Banderas directed the video for “Porn Life,” which is under three-and-a-half minutes in length. The video’s treatment finds Banderas in five different scenes, including singing on stage, sitting in a makeshift throne surrounded by Latin girls (“because he has been called the Latin king of porn,” Lisa said) and in bed with several women as money rains from the ceiling.

Other scenes depict Banderas boarding a private jet, in front of Lamborghinis and in the pool. Latin hip-hop artists DJ Rif and Site make cameos, Lisa told XBIZ.

Banderas “always wanted a career singing wise,” and music — not porn — is the “real love of his life,” Lisa said.

Being a porn star may have helped accelerate Banderas’ career, as he has “quite a few contacts in the Latin music business,” according to Lisa. After all, on the Alama TV program, he was introduced as a porn actor and “cantante” — Spanish for singer.