David Forest Returns

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Last night, at the debut of West Hollywood’s latest club night event, veteran talent agent David Forest reemerged from several months’ hiatus, since announcing his retirement in July.

At that time, Forest sold his agency, David Forest Entertainment and its offspring ForestMen.com and Meet the Stars, to Howard Andrew and his talent agency Fabscout. The acquisition was announced at a press conference for an audience filled with media and Los Angeles-area gay industry members.

“I went away — it was a much needed change of style. And I felt like giving up my company — if I could get great money — it was time to do it,” Forest told XBIZ. “I also knew that I had to make some big changes in my life. I didn’t have to go away — I chose to go away. And I got great money and I think I did good. I feel great.”

Last night at Apple Lounge, which was the site for the grand opening of the Temptation club event, Forest told XBIZ that he is actively returning to the “personal connection business,” similar to his previous Meet The Stars venue.

His new business venture will be called ForestMeetings — The Ultimate Connection, and will facilitate meetings between private clientele and a select roster of exclusive models.

“The kind of guys that you can’t find on Rentboy,” Forest said. “I’ve been connecting people since the ‘60s, and I’ve been connecting men with men for 30 years, and I love it,” he added, looking back over a 40-year career that started in the music industry.

He added that he would no longer pursue being an agent for video or live appearance bookings, noting that both sectors of the business appear to be suffering from the current economic climate combined with changes in traditional media formats.

Forest hosted dinner at Apple Lounge, while the club became crowded with various industry celebrities including Channel 1 Releasing’s Rob Novinger and Cybersocket’s Morgan Sommers.

The Temptation event was co-hosted Chi Chi LaRue and Jason Sechrest, and promoted by Paul Nicholls and Jeffrey Sanker, well-known promoter of the annual White Party held in Palm Springs. Headlining the event was one of Forest’s most famous protégés Johnny Castle.

“When I left the business he was by my side, and there he was, by my side as I’m coming back,” Forest said about Castle. He added that after a brief opportunity to speak to Castle, he is hoping to partner with the model to recruit new models for ForestMeetings.

“Johnny has a knack for finding hot boys and he loves to help them. I’m looking for three or four fabulous guys that I can sign,” Forest said.

Industry writer JC Adams and former performer and recently returned director Jamie Hendrix joined Forest for dinner. During his performing career, Hendrix had been represented by Forest. The agent also represented many big name stars during the heyday of gay adult, including Ryan Idol, Billy Brandt, Billy Harrington and Ken Ryker.

Going forward, Forest hopes to resume relationships with several current stars that he has represented including Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton. He mentioned that performer Jason Adonis might also join the roster, as well as “a couple of fellows that will remain nameless, that will come from the straight world.”

Ever the showman, Forest unapologetically proclaimed himself “the world’s most famous, successful male madame.”

“I don’t say that in a condescending way. I say it because I’m proud of it,” he explained. “That’s what I’m going to focus on now.”

Forest can be contacted at (818) 904-1862 or ForestMeetings@aol.com.