Adam & Eve Gets Political With 'Erection Day'

HILLSBOROUGH, NC — To coincide with the upcoming presidential election, Adam & Eve is promoting “Erection Day 2008” at Until Nov. 4, visitors can educate themselves on the views “Harry Hardcock” and “Dick MacJohnson,” two jelly dildos. The winner will be determined by majority vote and will be based on the candidates’ page views.

The candidates will participate in a series of debates on various issues in the coming weeks, including size versus skill and male enhancement devices. There will also be campaign trail coverage to give political satire fans a closer insight on the nominees’ paths to the Oval Office.

“Erection Day is a fun way to get customers involved with the site,” said Cory Calmes, SEO Coordinator for Adam & Eve. “We wanted to take advantage of the buzz surrounding the Presidential election and put our own unique spin on it.”

Site visitors can download banners and paper cut-outs directly from the site. "Erection Day" is also being promoted by Adam & Eve in emails, paid search and the website’s affiliate program.

Fir more information, call Cory Calmes at (919) 644-8100, ext. 3335, or email