Transfixed: D.O.L.L.S.

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Transfixed: D.O.L.L.S.

Three brilliant scientists at a robotics company successfully create three androids designed to be perfect platonic companions for humans, ushering in a new era of artificial intelligence. But when a bitter rival sabotages their androids, the scientists realize that drastic measures must be taken in order to avert a sexual rampage on humanity.

Bree Mills produces this light feature from Adult Time's Transfixed brand. Written by Midnight and directed by Stella Smut, "D.O.L.L.S." is a comedic take on the futuristic sex doll trope. Avery Jane, Leana Lovings and Siri Dahl do a great job carrying the film, and the script moves at a satisfying pace. Bree cameos in a nice non-sex role, and the special effects are very well done. This is the first comedy I've seen from Stella, and honestly, she has quite the talent for it.

Things start off with Jesse (Avery Jane) and her team putting the finishing touches on their trandroids (Avery is a comedic handful from start to finish) when the investor group requests a pivot from platonic companion to sexbots that are programmed to satisfy any user's carnal needs — a daunting task, to be sure, but the team is up to the challenge. Unfortunately, Bree, the team's lab assistant, decides to alter the activation serum formula to show Jesse and her team that she's not just some dumb laborer. The result is three rogue trandroids with an insatiable need for sex. Now, with their creations on the loose in the lab, Jesse's team splits up to find them and shut them down.

Jesse finds Zariah Aura and Khloe Kay sucking each other off in one of the exam rooms, but before she can initiate any kind of shutdown sequence, both trandroids pounce on her like coyotes on a carcass. Khloe hammers Avery's pussy from behind, while Avery stuffs her mouth with Zariah's cock; her impressive tits are flapping in the wind the entire time. Avery is incredibly pretty, and she looks positively stunning sandwiched between Zariah and Khloe's svelte frames.

Meanwhile, Leana discovers Eva Maxim fucking herself in the ass with a sex machine in one of the examination rooms. The sight of Eva getting her ass plowed is too intriguing for the young scientist to ignore, and before long, she's running her own tests on Eva and the machine. It is quite the exhilarating visual to watch a fuck machine pump Leana's pussy while she bobs her head on Eva's cock hungrily. And it's even more stimulating to watch Eva jack her cock as one machine pumps her ass while Leana lays next to her with a second fuck machine stroking her pussy as she rubs her clit. Helluva way to climax the scene!

A significant narrative twist ushers in the final sexual encounter featuring Siri, Zariah Aura, Khloe, and Eva. Siri gets her asshole plowed by Khloe in a sexy standing spoon (goodness, what a winning position!) before Eva and Zariah stumble in and join the party. Jesse and Leana find their way in and have plenty of notes to take as the trandroids take turns pounding Siri and sucking and fucking each other. Zariah takes a great pounding from Khloe, and the climax is fantastic.

Avery is a quality performer, and directors should cast her in more features immediately. She feels like a natural actor, and she's a bombshell sex performer. Meanwhile, Eva, Zariah, and Khloe all knock it out of the park as androids. They feel properly artificial while still projecting a sense of life. Really great work by all of them! Toss in the perfectly executed one-note characters played by Siri and Leana, and you have a very good light feature that is going to appeal to a lot of couples.

Don't sleep on this one, folks.


Three scientists (Avery Jane, Leana Lovings, Siri Dahl) are preparing three beautiful androids (Eva Maxim, Khloe Kay, Zariah Aura) to get approval for mass production from a major investor. The androids are known as "trandroids," which is short for "transformative androids," and are meant to be perfect platonic companions. But the scientists are thrown a curveball when their investor requests that the trandroids be made into ROMANTIC companions instead. The scientists frantically work together under a tight deadline to make the trandroids capable of having sex. Luckily, for the most part, they succeed and are confident they'll meet the investor's expectations. The scientists are satisfied and call it a night, confident that all will go well when they present their new and improved trandroids again to the investor. But when the time comes, they learn that a bitter lab assistant has SABOTAGED the trandroids, turning them into rebellious, horny escapees. The scientists quickly realize that the only way to revert the trandroids back to factory settings is to have sex with them to completely overload them, which leads to energetic duos, threesomes, AND an all-out orgy!

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