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Back in Town

"Back in Town" features three tales of lesbian erotica based on true events from the mind of Bree Mills.

There is just something about the lesbian stories that Bree tells through her movies that feels different. Releases like this also showcase the strength of feature porn. Sex is certainly arousing, but it can be much more when anchored by stories that speak truth to power.

Jane Wilde, Kenna James, Alexia Anders ("Kindred Spirits"):

Melanie (Jane Wilde) is a recently-out lesbian (sort of) who has decided to go to a weird hippie party with her new girlfriend Alexia Anders. She's uncomfortable with — well, everything. And she's not even sure if being a lesbian is for her. But when Kenna James reads a piece of self-written poetry at the party, the words burn Melanie to her core and leave her stunned and reflective. Suddenly, her world makes sense, and she has Kenna to thank for it. After confiding in her, Melanie finds the connection she's been looking for all her life. And the natural extension of that connection is a passionate kiss.

This is much more than hot lesbian sex between two hot women; it's a release and discovery. Every lick of the tongue is a validation. Every caress is an intimate helping hand. And of course, it's also hot sex. Jane and Kenna are two of my favorite performers, so of course, watching them inhale each other is intoxicating. And the post-sex poem is the perfect resolution to the story.

Alexis Tae, Ana Foxxx ("Back in Town"):

After a terrible breakup, Alexis Tae moves back in with her parents to face her life's crossroads. Frustrated, despondent and aimless, she decides to go to a party in hopes of escaping her doldrums. There, Alexis runs into Ana Foxxx, a girl she always admired but never had the guts to talk to. As it happens, Ana isn't the heinous bitch Alexis thought she was back in high school. In fact, Ana is sweet, compassionate and patient — everything Alexis has been searching for. Still reeling from her last failed relationship, Alexis decides, on a whim, to take the chance of a lifetime. Are you kidding me, putting Alexis Tae and Ana Foxxx together? My lord, what carnal poetry! These two are sex personified, and their meet-cute story of redemption and salvation is the stuff fantasies are made of. Ana treats Alexis with a tenderness that her passionate moans show she's been craving. The utterly satisfied look on her face as Ana melts into her arms is intoxicating, and Ana's whimpers are a genuine response to Alexis' expert fingers on her clit. The plot twist ending is a real shocker, making this one of the most emotionally and sexually captivating scenes I've seen this year.

Casey Calvert, Whitney Wright, Kira Noir ("Meeting Myself for the First Time"):

Casey Calvert is wallowing in pity, anger and confusion after her marriage ends — not because her husband cheated or something cliche, but because her husband turned out to be gay. The knowledge rocks Casey's world and leaves her wondering if she herself might be gay too. Her best friend Kira Noir introduces her to Whitney Wright, a lesbian who has thought Casey was cute for quite some time. "Just ask her all the questions you have," Kira smiles. And just like that, Casey's world opens, and a new journey begins for her — one that she never imagined possible.

What a home run this scene is! The dynamic plays out so naturally between Casey and Whitney. Casey is exploratory in her movements, and in the way she often looks up at Whitney for confirmation that she's doing everything right.

"Back in Town" shows just how strong Mills' knack for telling stories is, how good she is at capturing arousing sex, and how strong her editors are at creating a mood. If you are a fan of lesbian porn, or compelling stories in general, you will want to add this to your collection.


Melanie (Jane Wilde) and Heather (Alexia Anders) are on their way to a gathering, but Melanie doesn't seem very excited about it. They soon arrive at the gathering and things turn around for Melanie when Ava (Kenna James), another party-goer, reads a poem that she wrote to the group. Melanie is mesmerized by Ava's words, feeling a connection that she has never felt before. When the other girls leave to grab some food, Melanie finds Ava alone in her room. Sidney (Alexis Tae) is back home after her first semester of college. Life's been a bit rough for her since she broke up with her toxic girlfriend and she's hoping some time away will help her move on. That's when she decides to get back out there by going to a neighborhood party. When Sidney arrives, she sees Dani (Ana Foxxx) and is instantly mesmerized by her. Dani's so full of life and beautiful, making it very hard for Sidney to think of anyone but her Allison (Casey Calvert) has just come out of the closet as a lesbian and Lily (Whitney Wright), who is a lesbian as well, has been helping her through the lifestyle transition. In a flirtatious tone, Lily adds that she REALLY had fun getting to know Allison. Allison is flustered! Lily playfully offers to be more direct, and gives Allison a kiss that makes her quiver at the knees!

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