Blonde Label 3
Blonde Label 3

In "Blonde Label 3," Deeper presents scenes from directors Kayden Kross and W.C. Walker featuring bombshell blondes engaging in raunchy rendezvous.

Angel Youngs, Maximo Garcia ("Red Flags"):

A young woman receives an anonymous warning about the man she's starting to see, but the sexual possibilities of being with a sadist get the better of her restless curiosity. When Angel Youngs finally meets her would-be master, she is ready to be loyal and obedient in whatever way he demands. He turns out to be everything the warning said he would be, and everything Angel imagined he would be. Maximo Garcia pounds Angel mercilessly, choking and fingering her into submission at every opportunity. His fingers set her clit on fire as he fills her pussy up with his cock, and she begs him for more.

Kendra Sunderland, Alex Jones ("Glass Castle"):

Kendra Sunderland's sugar daddy loves her curves so much that he's unwilling to share her beauty with the outside world. Instead, he keeps her chained in his glass castle adorned in exquisite lingerie that's designed for his eyes only. Fortunately, Kendra's knight in shining armor exists in the form of Alex Jones, who finds his way into the secret lair to free Kendra from her sexless, orgasmless existence. Kendra has such a dynamite body that it's impossible not to be awed by her: amazing tits, incredible ass, curvy hips — my word! If you watch nothing else from this scene, make sure you watch Kendra fuck Alex's dick with her massive tits. You do not want to miss that sexual poetry.

Lika Star, Maximo Garcia ("Silencia"):

A young woman experimenting with submission learns that her dom would prefer that she be seen and not heard. Maximo Garcia is again featured in the dominating role, as this scene follows a similar story as the earlier scene with him. Lika Star has decided to explore the world of BDSM, and Maximo will be her teacher. The theme of this scene is that no matter how Maximo tortures Lika, she only earns his mercy by being quiet. Things get pretty intense at the start of the scene, but by the end, Lika is taking Maximo's cock in all her holes like a champion. Eventually, she invites his massive load all over her willing face; her ass, tits, and pussy are swollen from his relentless "instruction."

Lexi Lore, Anton Harden ("Pussyfooting"):

Lexi Lore spies Anton Harden in the waiting room and finds him intriguing. A few sideways glances and sheepish grins later, and Anton is eating out of the palm of her hand. However, even Anton couldn't have expected what he was in store for. Lexi isn't the shy lady he thought she was. She's actually a voracious sex fiend who loves to be used. After rubbing herself off on Anton's expensive shoe, Lexi climbs aboard his massive dick and goes to town. Her tiny frame swallows Harden's massive meat with ease, and she nearly finishes him with her impressive hip movement. Lexi inhales Harden's girth like a swimmer gasping for air, and her pussy aches with wanting as he strokes her deep and steady.

"Blonde Label 3" is a good release that showcases some strong work from Deeper. There's something here for everyone: sensuality, seduction, and power domination fantasies all have their moment in the sun.


Blonde Label returns with four shots of honey-haired poison from Angel Youngs receives a warning about her new boyfriend from her whisper network, but the sexual possibilities of being with a sadist only excite her curiosity in Red Flags. Glass Castle finds Kendra Sunderland sequestered in her sugar daddy's penthouse and entertaining visitors in front of bystanders on the street below. In Silencio, the mouthy Lika Star learns that her dom would prefer that she is seen and not heard. And Lexi Lore decides that clothes really do make the man when shoes bring out her submissive side in Pussyfooting. Each woman discovers her own kind of mischief, so pick your poison and make it Blonde Label.

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