Kink Label 2
Kink Label 2

Director W.C. Walker explores the world of taboo kinks in this release from Deeper.

"Devil Dick" (Adria Rae, Oliver Flynn):

When Adria Rae wants to leave the club early, her friends warn her not to go skulking back to the same trashy guy she's been messing around with. She assures them she's just going home, but as soon as they're out of the picture, she has her Uber driver take her to Oliver Flynn's house for a night of frantic fucking. But when Adria finds a stray bra in his bathroom, she's furious and embarrassed that she'd let herself get fooled by him again. But as usual, Oliver asserts his dominance, and when he tosses a pair of handcuffs Adria's way, she falls right back into his trap. A sloppy blowjob, a pussy-pounding reverse cowgirl, and an absolute wrecking in the ass follows. Adria is very pretty, and she loves every minute of Oliver using her like a fuck toy.

"Nylon" (Gianna Dior, Isiah Maxwell):

This is a seduction scene through and through. Gianna Dior drips with sensuality, her eyes smoldering like the embers of a fireplace. Isiah Maxwell is poised yet mesmerized, and the tension between them is thick. By the time they leave the club and get to the hotel room, there's nothing left but to surrender to their lust. Maxwell pumps Dior deep, eliciting moans of pleasure from the delectable nymph. The cowgirl was especially good, showcasing Gianna's natural tits and exquisite hip movement. That was poetry.

"Push" (April Olsen, Oliver Flynn):

This scene is all about BDSM and the scintillating sensations it can bring about. April Olsen narrates, telling the viewer how much she wants Oliver to own her body, how the pain manifests itself as pleasure, how she craves Oliver's touch and the touch of his tools, how he becomes the master of her body, and how much her body adores his rule. And when Oliver finally, mercifully, plunges his cock into her aching pussy, April nearly explodes with ecstasy. Her face splits into a helpless grin as Oliver slides into her asshole effortlessly, and she gallops on his cock like a cowboy chasing a runaway steer.

"Schoolmaster" (Amber Moore, Maximo Garcia):

The idea of a teacher fucking their student has always intrigued audiences, and director W.C. Walker leans into that fantasy here. A maid finds an old journal that tells the tale of equestrian trainer Maximo Garcia and one of his dutiful students Amber Moore. Maximo's methods are unorthodox but effective: They include him personally bathing his student as well as flogging her seductively. When the maid steals into the garden and happens upon Maximo giving a live lesson, she can't help but watch. And boy, does she get a show! Amber rides Maximo like one of her horses: with enthusiasm and virility. Maximo also gets a turn to be in control, and he takes advantage of the opportunity by pumping Amber from behind with the strength of Thor's hammer.

This is a nice addition to Deeper's kink series. Walker handles the director's chair with ease, and his cast does the rest. April and Adria were particularly good in their scenes.


Adria Rae returns to the bed she swore off in Devil Dick. Gianna Dior leads a charged afternoon of fabric fetishism and carnal pleasure in Nylon. April Olsen pushes her limits in an all-consuming adrenaline rushed kink dynamic in Push. A maid uncovers the secret training regimes of a girls' riding school in a dusty diary in Schoolmaster. All ultimately surrender to what drives them.

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