Stars 12

Stars 12

This series shines a spotlight on some of the hottest girls to set foot in front of the camera for Dorcel, performing scenes that mirror some of their most personal fantasies.

Lauren Walker, Tommy Cabrio:

Lauren Walker (one of my favorite European performers) and Tommy Cabrio have been dating for a few weeks, and things are fantastic between them. However, Tommy has no idea that Lauren's side hustle is creating adult content online. The romantic couple have a passionate sex life, but Lauren won't let Tommy fuck her anally — which is ironic, considering that some of her most popular videos are anal. One night, Tommy discovers one of Lauren's videos by accident, and when he sees how raunchy she is online (including plenty of butt stuff), he decides to confront her. Lauren admits that she likes very passionate anal, which Tommy promises to provide. And boy, does he ever! He delivers deep, rhythmic strokes while he caresses her breasts and kisses her hungrily; she squirms on his cock in reverse cowgirl while he rubs her clit.

Lea Guerlin, Ricky Rascal:

Lea Guerlin and Ricky Rascal get right to business after a brief preamble in this scene. Lea is a very cute brunette, and Ricky takes his time exploring her taut body. His lips and fingers travel across her skin lightly and with purpose, bringing goosebumps to the surface of her body. He also uses toys to please the pale minx, stuffing her pussy gently yet deep with a pink dildo. The most arousing moment comes when Ricky mounts Lea from behind and thrusts into her passionately.

Alice Martin, Tommy Cabrio:

Alice Martin has never tried anal sex before, but her boyfriend Tommy convinces her to give it a chance after promising that it won't hurt. Tommy is very gentle with Alice, taking his time and bringing her to the brink of orgasm using his fingers, tongue, and cock. Just when she's ready to explode, he throttles back, allowing the inexperienced flower a chance to catch her breath while simultaneously teasing her. At last, when she's finally ready, he gently plunges his cock into her asshole. Alice whimpers with pleasure as he spanks her, and feels herself letting go as his thrusts intensify. She thanks Tommy for showing her a new path to pleasure by letting him cum in her mouth.

Lili Charmelle, Paulo Bangkok, Tommy Cabrio:

There is lots of fun camerawork in this scene as well as an intriguing story told in silent form. Lili Charmelle has two sex partners, and she eventually hooks up with both of them at the same time. The scene bounces from her with one lover, to her with the other, to her with them both — and it's an interesting visual stimulation. Lili has a great pair of tits, and watching them rock under the impact of her body getting railed is highly satisfying. Plus, watching her fuck two different guys in three different places is quite the treat.

Cherry Kiss, Juan Lucho:

Cherry Kiss (another of my favorites from across the sea) is a suave businesswoman who thrives under pressure. After closing a lucrative deal with Juan Lucho, she decides to relax nude and poolside in her luxurious home. But when Lucho returns with another contract for her to sign, she decides to fuck him on the spot rather than send him away. I love the way Cherry gives head, and I love the way she fucks. She's such a visceral performer, and everything she does drips with wanton desire. When Lucho starts fucking her, she moans with hungry pleasure at every thrust inside her. When Lucho plunges his cock into her ass, Cherry morphs into a slutty fuckdoll who can't get enough of this taboo tryst.

"Star 12" is a great way to introduce audiences to the performers involved, as well as to the highly skilled directors. Lauren and Cherry knock it out of the park, while Alice is a pleasant surprise.


Five of Dorcel's most beautiful stars fulfill their fantasies just for you.

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