Meet the Girl Boss 2

Digital Sin
Meet the Girl Boss 2

Paul Woodcrest joins Alex Ladd as director for the follow-up to Ladd's original lesbian vignette release about being dominated sexually by the boss.

Briana Moon, Chloe Temple:

Chloe Temple's boss Briana Moon invites her over for a girl's night, and Chloe happily accepts. After all, nobody says no to the boss. But to Chloe's surprise, her boss' plans for the evening have nothing to do with wine and gossip. As soon as she opens the door, Chloe knows Briana has only one thing in mind. This scene wins for me on the strength of watching Chloe sit on Briana's face alone. There is something undeniably sexy about watching a woman getting her face smothered by a nice ass, and the directors give ample time for the audience to enjoy the phenomenon here. The toy play is also great, as Briana brings Chloe to a pelvis-quaking orgasm with a bright pink dildo.

Blake Blossom, Slimthick Vic:

Blake Blossom is beyond impressed with her assistant Slimthick Vic. She always keeps Blake's schedule tight, she anticipates Blake's needs — and when given the opportunity, she shines staff meetings. One night after a particularly exemplary day at the office, Blake invites Vic over to her apartment to congratulate the beautiful woman privately. It's not long before Blake admits to Vic that she's impressed with more than just her performance on the job, and Vic admits that she's been hoping for quite some time that Blake would take notice of her in that way. One thing leads to another, and soon, Vic's face is buried in Blake's pussy. Watching Blake clutch at her incredible breasts passionately as Vic feasts on her wet pussy is invigorating, but the way the two cling to each other and kiss in between orgasms is even more stimulating. The climactic 69 is the perfect icing on the cake.

Cassie Del Isla, Leana Lovings:

After a long conference, Cassie Del Isla and Leana Lovings are happy to be back at the hotel. Cassie lets Leana know how impressed she was with her performance during the conference, and Leana shares how grateful she is for the opportunity. But Cassie has more in mind than mere verbal kudos for her young assistant. Leana is one of the prettiest performers working today, with a tender disposition and an innocence that can't be denied. Meanwhile, Cassie is a smoldering pot of sexuality born to corrupt delicate angels like Leana; such is the fantasy at play here. Leana submits to Cassie's gentle advances immediately, and the kinky siren takes her on a journey of sexual bliss that Leana couldn't have imagined in her wildest dreams. Watching Leana simultaneously melt and explode as she sits on Cassie's face is like watching sexual poetry, especially when Leana finally tastes Cassie's sweet pussy for the first time. Having experienced the ecstasy of a woman's touch, Leana is able to return her boss' favor twice over with her fingers and tongue.

Serene Siren, Ella Reese:

Ella Reese and her husband have a hotwifing kink. Whenever she's away on business, she orders pizza, fucks the delivery guy, then tells her husband all the sordid details — only this time, the pizza is delivered by the domineering Serene Siren, who whirls into the room like a goddess, completely mesmerizing Ella. Before long, Ella's head is rolling back with pleasure as Serene tongues her into ecstasy. I particularly enjoyed watching Serene grind her pussy on Ella's face as the beautiful blonde leaned back on the couch.

Dark camera aside, there are some very strong scenes here. The film is well- put-together, and each scene is better than its predecessor. Leana and Cassie certainly steal the show, but every scene is a banger in its own right.


She means business. Watch her take hot office babes out of the boardroom and into the bedroom for a one-on-one deep dive. Can her slutty subordinates make the cut? Brown-nosing has never been hotter!

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