Up To and Including Her Limits 3

Up To and Including Her Limits 3

"Up To and Including Her Limits 3" features four erotic stories with a shared theme of women being pushed to the brink of sexual ecstasy.

Kayden Kross has made quite the name for herself as a writer and director at Deeper, and when viewing projects like this, it's easy to see why. She understands erotica and has a knack for building tension prior to a scene that enhances the sex. She has a great visual eye for the action as well, and we get some beautiful shots of the performers at their best.

Vicki Chase, Anton Harden, Alex Jones, Oliver Flynn, Milan, Apollo Banks, Dwayne Foxxx, Jay Myers, Daniel James, Richard Mann, Brickzilla ("Mouth of Babes 1):

This is a blowbang in every sense of the word, though it's hidden nicely behind a crazy inmate narrative that gives it some depth. Vicki Chase is locked away for good reason, but an inexperienced nurse gets tricked by her unpredictable ways and ends up locked in her cell while Vicki roams the facility naked with all the cell keys in hand. She frees every incarcerated patient (who happen to all be men), and they have their way with her. Vicki shoves dick after dick down her throat messily while jacking off every other dick that gets within five feet of her hands.

Vicki Chase, Alex Jones, Dan Damage, Richard Mann ("Mouths of Babes 2"):

Eventually, Vicki's doctor, along with a nurse and a security guard, are able to get control of the facility again, and they return Vicki to her cell. Unfortunately, she's still out of her mind due to a mis-dose of her medication, and she's still hungry for cock. Her doctor tries desperately to control the situation, but Vicki's relentlessness ultimately leads to all three men taking turns pounding all her holes. Again, Vicki is a wanton slut, spreading her legs wide and gaping her mouth, pussy, and asshole open to whichever cock wants to fill it. She ends up getting a helluva DP while stuffing her mouth with dick, and it is something to see, honestly.

Keisha Grey, Mick Blue ("Accelerando"):

W.C. Walker takes the directing reigns in the second story, which features Keisha Grey as an aspiring cellist under Mick Blue's relentless tutelage. Mick has little patience and drives Keisha hard, shattering her confidence while awakening something primal inside her. Finally unable to take Mick's abuse any longer, Keisha descends upon him like a hyena, using the power of her sultry body to gain the upper hand. Mick devours her asshole and fingers her silly before fucking the absolute hell out of her. He pistons her like a jackhammer.

Lena Paul, Seth Gamble, Dante Colle ("Sire"):

The final tale comes from Kayden, and it's a doozy. Lena Paul and her husband Dante Colle are willing to explore the domme scene, and Seth Gamble is the flint that ignites their journey into the world of submissive sex. Seth interrupts their dinner plans to see if they're serious about taking the plunge, and after a very uncomfortable dinner, Lena admits that she wants everything Seth is offering them. The result is a fiery threesome that sees Lena submit not only to both men, but her own lustful desires as well. Seth and Dante ravage her, but she manages to match their intensity stroke for stroke by swallowing their cocks with her mouth and pussy. The story is already intense enough, but the sex that follows is mesmerizing.

Kayden has a very good understanding of how to create an erotic mood through visual presentation, and W.C. also brings some serious heat to the table. "Up To and Including Her Limits 3" looks fantastic, and every scene builds a tension that sweeps the audience into a sexual stupor.


Women test the ends of their limits in these four newest tales from Deeper.com. Keisha finds steadiness in her instructor's exacting hand during a cello lesson when she can't find the tempo. Lena and her husband slowly submit to a dom's will over a dinner she's requested for an article she's covering on the man's local lore. In a stunning, two-part finale, guards, doctors, and inmates alike marvel at the intensity and determination with which Vicki Chase pulls the strings of the institution she's committed to in order to meet her increasingly extreme sexual needs. All find themselves dangerously at the edge of where they thought they stopped only to find new recesses where their unexplored desires begin.

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