Meet the Girl Boss

Digital Sin
Meet the Girl Boss

With a provocative mix of fresh porn starlets and experienced MILFs, "Meet the Girl Boss" has (as the title aptly states) subordinate employees getting the sheets ruffled with their female managers in a strong girl-girler from Digital Sin.

Blonde bombshell Jazlyn Ray is big-boobed brunette Alyx Star's new assistant, with Jazlyn making the first move in Alyx's plush high-rise apartment in one of the release's very best scenes. Both ladies are 100% natural, very busty, extremely curvy, intensely attractive, and hungry to gorge on T&A. When Alyx's big butt is bent over upon the sofa and Jazlyn is servicing her twat and anus, you'll get off soon enough! The ladies soon move to the bedroom, with Star sucking on Ray's vadge missionary. The two ladies happily rub slits, before Jazlyn sits her own big fine ass upon Alyx's pretty face/hungry mouth. Great stuff!

MILFs Lauren Phillips and Cherry Kiss (with the alluring Euro accent) arrive in their hotel room for a business meeting the next day, but there's only one bed. And Kiss happily hunkers down upon the less-comfy sofa until Lauren (whom is presumably "the boss," though it's never really explained) suggests, in the middle of the night, that they share the big bed together — to which Kiss agrees, leading to some steamy passion. Lauren's voluptuousness and Kiss' sleek figure make for a marvelously arousing contrast. I love watching Lauren's large, swimming boobs undulate as Cherry eats her in the missionary position, while it's grand viewing Cherry's scrumptious, taut body squirm and her pretty face intensely react as Lauren returns the favor. 69 with Cherry — and her killer butt — on top is excellent, too!

Next, brunette entrepreneur Lexi Luna meets her "top employee," played by Octavia Red, in a hotel room. Luna grooms Red to take over her company when she eventually steps down, but we see that Lexi has a crush on Octavia, which she most definitely fulfills soon enough. Lexi is extremely seductive with her slow moves and tender motions, and I love Octavia's all-around succulence, right down to her thick lips and, of course, her all-natural, hefty hooters — which are in our faces during some steamy missionary as Luna goes down on Red. It's apparently a unique hotel, as Luna calls room service and orders up a saddle-like vibrator contraption, which she has Red "ride like (she's riding someone's face)." I love the slightly wicked Lexi craftily controlling the moment as she turns the vibe controls to full, totally getting Octavia off.

The last scene features our DVD cover models, with MILF Melissa Stratton interviewing a potential personal assistant, played by brunette pixie Kylie Rocket. Melissa breaks Kylie in on her sofa, providing a potent ending. I like how big-boobed Melissa takes control, with slutty, svelte Kylie readily getting into the spirit of things and really sucking down mish style on Stratton-slit, before they move into the bedroom for some pussy rubbing. It's great, too, when Kylie voraciously eats Melissa's ass and pussy. Kylie soon sits on Melissa's face reverse-cowgirl, with the two eventually giving us a scorching session of 69; the boss lady, naturally, is on top, her healthy bottom filling Kylie's wildly probing mouth. It's also fun seeing highly sensitive Kylie erotically react as Melissa chows down on Rocket-muff missionary style.

"Meet the Girl Boss" is a solid all-girl title from Digital Sin; high points go to incredibly juicy specimens Ray and Star in the scorching opener, though all of the muff munchers perform quite swimmingly. I'm also glad that director Alex Ladd didn't overload the movie with tons of vibrators and dildos, instead opting for kissing and sucking, while giving us a brief taste of kink with the unexpected appearance of the electronic "saddle" in the Luna/Red interlude.


Meet The Girl Boss. She's finally on top. She demands total submission from her team. Watch as she leads these sexy and subordinate sluts to success from the boardroom to the bedroom. Work's a bitch, but the benefits are worth it.

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