Three 3
Three 3

Kayden Kross explores the erotic world of threesomes in Deeper's third volume of the series "Three."

"Little Spoons" (Lulu Chu, Kimmy Kimm, Jax Slayher):

Lulu Chu is the manager of a talent agency, and Jax Slayher is her newest client. While she seems perfectly comfortable flying by the seat of her pants, her assistant Kimmy Kimm is very nervous and wishes Lulu would stick to business rather than pleasure. But for Lulu, pleasure is business. Jax mentions how he would destroy Lulu's tiny frame, and I have to say: He certainly puts that claim to the test. He slams her pussy hard, fast, and without rest, and Kimmy gets the same treatment. At one point, he puts Lulu in a straight-up full nelson so she can watch him destroy her pussy, and he nearly splits Kimmy in half from behind. This scene certainly captures exciting sex!

"Unbroken Hour" (Chanel Grey, Diana Grace, Markus Dupree):

This scene is about a husband and wife struggling to find time for each other. Diana Grace and Markus Dupree decide to dedicate a full hour to each other, uninterrupted, unhinged, unencumbered by sexual inhibitions. Diana tells Markus she wants to bring a whore into the hour with them ā€” something a quick visit to the ATM is able to provide. Markus is a jackhammer here, obliterating Chanel Grey and Diana in every position, at every turn, and in every moment. He directs the traffic, he controls the pace, and both ladies are ecstatic to join him for the ride. Chanel gets her ass hammered, and Diana is happy to slurp her ass off Markus' cock before letting him plow her own pussy. It's a very intense scene and comes right out of Kayden's wheelhouse.

"All In" (Jane Wilde, Avery Black, Troy Francisco):

Avery Black, Jane Wilde and Troy Francisco are on a retreat and have built a strong connection with each other over the course of their time there. One night, Avery decides she's tired of holding back and not telling the truth to her friends and herself. On their last day, the three decide (at Avery's suggestion) to be truly honest with each other ā€” and the results are sexually explosive. First, I love the setting and the narrative story here. It all works together to set a liberating tone that plays out in the sex. There's no holding back from any of them. They are all entwined limbs and lust bursting through the walls of denial and cracking the shackles of hollow morality. They become lust manifested, licking each other, caressing each other, fucking each other without care or hesitation. Jane's ass takes a helluva pounding, and Troy uncorks a huge load on both Jane and Avery's faces at the end.

"Spitting Image" (Kiara Cole, Jessie Saint, Seth Gamble):

This scene is about a man who admits to his girlfriend that his greatest fantasy has always been to fuck twins. In a spur of the moment, Kiara Cole decides to make his fantasy come true in order to regain some of the sexual spark that seems to have been lost in their marriage. There's a lot more to this story, but for the sake of spoilers, I'll avoid those beats. What I will say is good lord, Seth Gamble fucks the hell out of both these ladies. I mean, goodness gracious, do they take a pounding!

"Three 3" is a nice addition to Deeper's threesome-themed series. Kiara Cole and Jessie Saint were particularly good in their scene with Seth, while Lulu delivers a scalding performance.


Three remains the mode of choice in this third collection of threesome vignettes from Lulu Chu recruits Kimmy Kim to help her handle a performer with a big ego in Little Spoons. Diana Grace hires a sex worker to reignite the passion in her relationship for one Unbroken Hour. Avery Black knows her crush has his eye on a friend (Jane Wilde), and raises the stakes in All In. Jessie Saint turns her boyfriend's infidelity on its head when she sees the resemblance between herself and Kiara Cole in Spitting Image. Every story explores the the allure of the menage-a-trois in Three.

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