The View
The View

Affluent businesswoman Avery Cristy has it all: a successful career, designer clothes, a loyal assistant, and gorgeous looks. But when an accident lands her in a wheelchair for two months, she's forced to take a break from her hectic lifestyle. When someone delivers her a pair of binoculars with a cryptic note, she finds the view to be rather stimulating.

Avery has been steadily climbing my list of favorite feature performers for a number of years now, and I can safely say she's firmly planted herself in my top five. She's obviously got a dynamite look, but she also has a presence on camera that I haven't seen in a while. She has the ability to captivate the audience with a single look, and when she sheds her clothes, she practically melts the screen. Here, she shows once again why more directors should be casting her in full features, as she carries the story of this film on her shoulders effortlessly. Co-writers Siena Bennett and Kayden Kross craft an intriguing story that will easily capture audiences, and the top-notch cast will keep them enraptured.

Things open with a kinky fuck in the bathroom of a pulsing nightclub between Avery and Isiah Maxwell. It's the standard bar hookup, with Maxwell approaching Avery brimming with suave confidence — and the hot-to-trot blonde accepting his advance excitedly. Maxwell blows Avery's bottom out with a vigorous lifted missionary that is crazy intense, and he gives her all the business in reverse cowgirl. Avery is left trembling with pleasure as Isiah has his way with her all over the bathroom.

Nicole Doshi (who has been burning up my radar for a while now) gets a good, old-fashioned wrecking from Ramon Nomar while Avery peeks on from across the street. Nicole has a wonderful ass, and after dominating her with toys and torture devices, Ramon handles her ass with purposeful aggression. And I do mean her ass, folks. Nomar beats Nicole's ass up something fierce!

Cheating husband Mick Blue has a naughty afternoon snack in the form of the delectable Anya Olsen, and my word, does her ass get to hog the spotlight! Mick pumps her like a piston, and she rides him back with everything she's got. Mick also gets her in a side missionary that is literally one of the sexiest positions in porn, and holy fuck, does Anya make the most of it! Just sit back and enjoy the poetry, folks; it's that good.

Avery finally meets her benefactor, and the sexual tension that's been building within her after months of watching people across the way fuck all over the place is unleashed. Watching Avery get fucked on the wheelchair that held her captive for so long was thematically moving and sexually arousing. Avery also showcases her always-impressive riding skills, putting Anton's dick through the ringer like a master fuck queen. The finish leaves Avery a trembling, satisfied mess.

This is one of the few features I've seen Derek Dozer direct, and it was a good one. Kross and Bennett deliver a fun story as writers, and Dozer gets his cast to bring the story to life effectively. Avery Cristy is a bona fide feature star, and I want to see her in more fully realized feature porn films rather than one-off scenes. She deserves it, and has shown that she can shine in those kinds of roles.


Voyeurism leads to obsession in this erotic miniseries directed by Derek Dozer for Avery Cristy has everything a young woman could want: a fast-paced and high-paying career, a trendy loft apartment overlooking a vibrant downtown, and an entourage always ready to sample the surrounding night clubs and men who frequent them. Life is perfect, and we first meet Avery as she enjoys a public bathroom hookup with a stranger before heading to an afterparty. It's just another weeknight until everything comes to a standstill when she has an accident that leaves her wheelchair-bound. Avery finds herself with nothing to do but follow other people's lives through her window. Through her binoculars, she watches a new neighbor succumb to erotic domination (reigning Best New Starlet Nicole Doshi). Tracking the habits of a barely-married couple, she bets with her assistant that today's the day he cheats and is vindicated when a new woman (Anya Olsen) knocks at his door only minutes after his wife has left. In time, Avery realizes that someone has been watching her too and puts on a tantalizing show of her own, and the pair build the anticipation at a distance until the day her cast comes off and she's released back out into the world she'd been sitting on the sidelines of. All the world's a stage, as each of these women discover in The View.

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