Lucas Men Fuck Party

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Lucas Men Fuck Party

A voracious 10-man orgy led by the magnetic Kosta Viking, in two parts, is joined by a pair of hammer-and-tongs duo scenes spiced with aggressive pile-driving anal.

The orgy opens with Viking in bed having his cock slavishly serviced and quickly fades to three men competing to slurp his boner while two groups of fit, muscular and inked men bone each other around him. They move right into ass-eating with moans of pleasure and encouragement, deep-throating and slurpy kissing. A grin of pleasure never leaves the lips of Viking, Pol Prince and others.

The men remain tightly bunched in bed with broad views of the Puerto Vallarta landscape outside, but the camerawork doesn’t get lost in the action and rotates around the bed as the men pound away. As the first half concludes, three of the ravaged bottoms are blindfolded for another playful bout of assplay.

Part Two, running about 21 minutes and change, a few minutes shorter than Part One, picks up the action with an array of positions including a gang-bangs, pulling trains and more. Alex Cabrera ends up on his back sprayed with seed. MVPs include sensual Bruno Galvez, wolfishly beautiful Craig Marks and the sculpted stunner Dom King.

The first duo scene opens with butch, inked Rudy Gram on the phone with a lover while pretty Oliver Hunt is eagerly, slurpily deep-throating his thick cock. Gram aggressively face-slams Hunt, who slathers his boner with ribbons of saliva. Their deeply intense, pile-driving fuck culminates in Hunt coating his legs, torso and shoulders with seed.

A second duo opens as Harold Lopez and Leo Moz kiss deeply on a balcony with the ocean behind them; Lopez is bald and bearded, while Moz is a scruffy dreamboat. Both are broad-shouldered, muscular and hung with asses that could stop traffic. Lopez carefully preps Moz with oral and then careful assplay – Moz looks especially appealing squeezed into tight mint-green briefs – before they move indoors to bed. Lopez works two fingers into Moz’ tight chute before slipping in his cock and building up a strong head of steam. Moz jerks out a load as he’s being fucked, while Lopez blasts ropes that splash his fucktoy’s belly, chest and chin.


Join these hard men for an exclusive two-part LUCAS MEN FUCK PARTY! But once the party clears out, the action doesn’t stop. Rudy Gram returns for another round of sex—this time fucking the plump little peach-cheeks of the adorable Oliver Hunt. And the macho stud Harold Lopez gives newcomer Leo Moz a prostate pounding he won’t soon forget!

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