Video Secrets
Video Secrets

Avery is in a happy, healthy relationship with Seth Gamble, and things between them are perfect. But when she finds some damning footage of him cheating with two other women, her entire world falls apart. Now, she must decide how to move forward. Seth's betrayal is a red dagger plunged straight to her heart, but there's also something about watching these women give in so freely to lust that intrigues her — so much so that Avery can't get the fantasy out of her mind.

This movie needs to be on everyone's ballot for Best Feature in 2023. It's legitimately that good. Avery Cristy delivers the best performance of her career, and director Kayden Kross tells a compelling tale that will have viewers enthralled from the opening minute to the closing credits. It is not presumptuous on my part to say this release is a serious contender for either Feature Movie of the Year or Erotic Feature of the Year.

The story begins with Seth Gamble, Lilly Bell and Kenna James engaging in a filthy threesome. I adore Kenna, and Lilly is no slouch either. The action is frantic and desperate — the epitome of people caught up in the throes of lustful abandon. Seth fucks like a maniac here, piston-slamming both Kenna and Lilly's pussies like a machine. The footage is a combination of jerky cell phone capture and high-end production style, and it works perfectly. Lilly and Kenna both look amazing as they bask in their hedonistic bliss, and Avery (who watches the entire encounter on tape afterwards) descends into a vicious cycle of hate, disgust and curiosity.

Set on a path she can't escape, Avery tracks down Lilly with the intent to confront her. Instead, she stumbles upon Lilly and Anton Harden fucking each other silly in the mid-afternoon for no reason other than the desire to achieve orgasm. Lilly is a wanton slut in this scene, first gobbling Anton's long dick hungrily, then letting him penetrate her like a drill burrowing its way into the depths of the Earth. He's not gentle, but he's not overly rough either. He's just hungry, and Lilly's wet pussy bears the burden of satisfying his hunger. The highlight of the scene is watching Anton pound Lilly from behind in a modified doggie while Avery looks on wanting.

Emboldened by what she witnessed between Lilly and Anton, Avery decides to seek that same level of sexual gratification from Seth, without sharing her motivation. Seth is all too happy to oblige her, despite his confusion as to the origin of this newfound sexual abandon, and the results are explosive, to say the least. Seth wrecks Avery's mouth with his cock before tearing her clothes off and annihilating her. He fucks her like it's going to be his last time, and she welcomes every aggressive thrust. This sex is powerful and arousing, as Avery goes through a kind of metamorphosis as she's riding the absolute fuck out of Seth.

Then, folks, we get to the crowning moment in the film. Avery watches the footage again with a newly discovered perspective and self-realization. It's the most powerful moment in the film, and the music is a perfect —

I mean perfect — accompaniment. It's the turning point in the movie both narratively and sexually, and it's easily the best sexual moment I've seen in porn in 2023.

The final scene between Avery, Kenna and Anton is the perfect culmination of Avery's journey. Gone is the desperate, unhinged sex she engaged in with Seth, replaced instead by a controlled submission to sex that is far more satisfying. Anton and Kenna are happy to accompany Avery on her sexual liberation, smiling and comforting her as they travel on the road of eroticism with her.

This is easily the best movie Kayden produced in 2022. Avery is a complete gem, and the supporting cast is brilliant. There is no scenario where this film should not take home at least one award in 2023.


When Avery can't find one of her favorite vintage items, her boyfriend suggest she check some of the old boxes in the garage. What she discovers instead is a sex tape shot on an old film camera that send her hunting down the people in it for answers. What follows is a journey down the rabbit hole of sexual experiences she never had in the name of rebalancing her newly upended relationship.

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