Lavish Vol. 3

Lavish Vol. 3

"Lavish 3" features scenes from Vixen's lesbian-centric studio Slayed, directed by veteran directors Laurent Sky and Derek Dozer.

Kenna James and Avery Cristy ("Pipes"):

Kenna James and Avery Cristy are friends through other friends who find themselves partying together at a nightclub, and their sizzling connection captures their respective spirits. Time stands still, and all either of them can think about is holding on to that moment. So they do — in bed. First, this is a wonderfully sexy opening. It captures the very essence of sexual arousal. Second, the initial set piece and lighting are fantastic. Third, Kenna and Avery together? Come on! Anyone familiar with these two ladies will already have a very clear idea on what this scene might look like, and they would be 100% correct. There's passion, sensuality, and enticing caresses that practically melt the room. Seriously, watching these two stellar ladies eat each other's asses is a thing of beauty. Director Derek Dozer hit a home run with this scene.

Kylie Rocket and Ember Snow ("Fragrance"):

Laurent Sky helms this scene about a perfume mogul (Kylie Rocket) who is struggling to decide which new fragrance to debut in her most recent line. Eager to help, Kylie's friend Ember Snow opts to remind her just why her fans are so obsessed with her. Ember spears Kylie's pussy with all four fingers; Kylie loves it, and she responds with some pretty intense nibbling and biting that sends Ember into orgasmic convulsions. The pinnacle of the scene is Ember fisting Kylie from behind in a holy-shit-that's-hot moment.

Vanna Bardot and Little Dragon ("Eating in the Middle"):

Little Dragon and Vanna Bardot are lamenting the fact that they were both cheated on by the same girl during their past relationships. In a moment of solidarity, they two spurned lovers turn their frustration on each other in a burst of sexual expression. I love the way Dragon folds Bardot in half so she can get her entire face in the redhead's taut ass, but I was more enamored with the way Bardot used Dragon's thigh to grind herself to a brain-scrambling orgasm.

Slimthick Vic and Jazmin Luv ("Bodywork"):

Laurent Sky directs this scene that delves into the ever-popular massage porn fantasy. There's very little preamble here before Jazmin Luv starts rubbing Vic's pussy and asshole gently. Before Vic knows what's happening, Luv's mouth is on her, tongue trailing her vulva with long, purposeful licks. There's an incredible close-up of Vic tonguing Luv's asshole that will have many viewers reaching for the tissue, and if they make it through that scalding bit, they'll surely be finished as they behold Jazmin nearly fisting Vic's pussy while rimming her.

Slayed remains undefeated as the industry's premium lesbian brand. The scenes carry an air of fantasy that isn't often matched in the industry today, and the directors (in this case, Sky and Dozer) tend to do an amazing job capturing the magic.

Synopsis: is back for those who like their lesbian action LAVISH. This series is for the true connoisseur of girl-on-girl decadence. Featured cover girls Avery Cristy & Kenna James are best friends having the time of their lives at a karaoke club. Once dancing leads to touching, these blondes belt out a bedroom duet. Kylie Rocket & Ember Snow, Vanna Bardot & Little Dragon, and Vic Marie & Jazmin Luv are all getting in touch with sapphic sides. Lascivious stories, luxurious productions, and luscious ladies: let treat you to something LAVISH.

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