2 > 1 (2 More Than 1)

Adult Time
2 > 1 (2 More Than 1)

This pair of bawdy, comedic stories from Adult Time/Modern-Day Sins is worth checking out just for the tantalizing likes of Violet Starr and Arabelle Raphael; however, voracious cougar Rachael Cavalli and ultra-slut Casey Calvert also make “2 > 1” worth checking out.

Seth Gamble plays an accountant working with a client — gorgeous brunette/all-natural sweetie Violet Starr — at his home, with Seth soon mixing business with pleasure. Gamble is good at playing the slightly nervous hubby getting speedily seduced by the slightly goofy, totally horny Starr; the two soon doing the nasty right there in his living room. But just as Starr is about to suck Gamble’s love loaf, his on-screen wife, played by Rachael Cavalli, walks in, having taken the day off from work. Oops! Violet immediately ducks beneath the table, covertly sucking Seth while he’s chatting with the clueless Cavalli, who eventually saunters into the bedroom to wait for Gamble to service her.

In the meantime, Gamble finishes what he started with dirty little Ms. Starr. “Make me your sloppy whore,” the super-saliva-producing nympho pants in-between deepthroatings. Cowgirl on a nearby chair and doggie against the table are both magnificent, each position highlighting Violet’s delectable derriere, before she begs for his jizz. “You knew I was a slut the minute you phoned me,” she shamelessly tells him. “C’mon, don’t you think I deserve cum?” Such dirty talk is enough to immediately get Seth off, the lucky fucker blowing his wad all over Starr’s laughing face; our girl making bubbles with the cum before swallowing it.

Gamble then heads into the bedroom to satisfy awaiting cougar Cavalli, with more arousing antics rapidly unfolding. Rachael gives a slow, deep suck-off with loud, wet sounds. I like how she plays with her melon-sized boobies as Gamble eats her snatch. Also, Cavalli, like Starr, likes to kiss. Always a good thing! Seth really buries his bone in her sopping slit during missionary, ultimately pulling it out and white-washing that piping-hot Cavalli twat.

In story No. 2, Casey Calvert introduces her girlfriend/lover, played by luscious/curvy Arabelle Raphael, to Calvert’s ex-husband; the three of them eventually get it on big time in Alva’s cozy pad. The girls decide to stay overnight and, after Calvert retires to bed, Arabelle and Chad start making out on the sofa. And how can a man possibly resist the bedroom charms of delicious Raphael? Those large, swinging, sloppy tits are just so magnificent, with Chad soon bending Belle over and doggie pumping her; her bodacious boobies at this point wildly swinging to and fro. Eventually Calvert whines from her bedroom, “Arabelle! Are you coming to bed?” Arabelle quickly dresses and runs to Casey’s bed; after which the two lipstick lesbians get it on, with Belle really chowing down on Calvert’s pussy. This back-and-forth stuff with Arabelle — first getting it on with Alva behind Calvert’s back, then going back to Calvert’s bedroom — is repeated in a semi-comical fashion, reminiscent of an older comedy sitcom like “Love American Style.” And check out the amazing manner in which Arabelle deepthroats Chad’s pud… and with oodles of saliva. Wow!

More nasty moments ensue when Arabelle, Casey and Chad all wind up together upon the sofa. Calvert expertly rides Chad via cowgirl as the two babes kiss. And wait until Arablle herself rides him cowgirl, her butt-pillows insanely flying! Doggie with Raphael is just as exceptional, followed by missionary with Casey, as Arabelle squats upon Calvert’s face. There’s an inevitable return to doggie with mind-blowingly meaty Raphael as she eats Casey’s pussy; then Calvert herself gets doggied, bawdy Arabelle rubbing/rimming Calvert’s anus (yes!) while also occasionally sucking Chad’s pud, before he eventually explodes jizz straight into Raphael’s mouth as she generously shares the sperm with Casey.

This fun title is both entertainingly amusing and intensely decadent; thumbs-up especially going to stone foxes/total hot-to-trotters Violet and Arabelle. “2 > 1” is excellent stuff for curious couples and hardcore viewers alike.


Arabelle Raphael and Casey Calvert, a lesbian couple, are walking up to a house, each holding some luggage. It is revealed that they will be staying at Casey's ex-boyfriend, Chad Alva's home for a few days. Arabelle expresses some worry about the situation, but Casey is quick to assure her that she and her ex are on great terms. In fact, she thinks that he and Casey will get along splendidly! Seth Gamble, an accountant, is sitting at a table at home with a client, Violet Starr. As he helps her sort through some paperwork, it's no secret that Violet is into him as she casts him lustful looks and flirty vibes. Although Seth is married, he has absolutely no shame as he gladly picks up what she's putting down. They start hungrily making out and fondling each other, although they're soon interrupted by Seth's wife, Rachael Cavalli, as she unexpectedly comes home!

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