Transfixed: Neighborly Greetings

Transfixed: Neighborly Greetings

Bree Mills presents two short stories from the recurring series in the Transfixed library.

Kenna James, Aiden Ashley, Jade Venus, and Ariel Demure:

Kenna James and Aiden Ashley are a loving couple living their best lives together in a quaint apartment building. One day, a new couple moves into the unit next door, and Kenna pleads with Aiden to accompany her on a welcome-to-the-neighborhood excursion. Reluctantly, Aiden relents. Luckily for her, Kenna is cute enough to capture the attention of the couple, and before long, their "welcome to the hood" meeting turns into an afternoon of raunchy sex! Holy cow, I could watch Ariel Demure and Kenna kiss all day, and Aiden has long been one of my favorite performers. She's such an intense sexual being, and she scorches the screen here. Ariel is equally volcanic, and together, they leave the luscious Kenna and Jade smoldering in their wake. One of the highlights is watching Jade Venus take turns pumping Ariel, Kenna, and Aiden while each lady is stacked upon one another like a decker-style sex sandwich.

April Olsen, Liv Revamped, Jessy Dubai, and Maya Kendrick:

Angela, Millie and Lauren are all applying for Ms. Bennett's teacher's assistant position. Each of them has their own reasons for applying, but all of them have the same idea in mind: Sex is a fantastic motivator. Each of them attempts to seduce their former teacher, but she's having none of it. However, her rebuke of their efforts doesn't have the intended effect; it causes the girls to join forces and pounce on her like a pack of lionesses dragging down a gazelle. Jessy Dubai puts on a clinic as she takes turns fucking all three juicy ladies (Maya Kendrick really gets a good pounding on the desk) while they take turns licking each other to orgasmic bliss in between. Liv Revamped and April Olsen both ride Jessy to high noon, and April also lets the spicy Latina bulldoze her throat lustfully.

This is a very satisfying entry. Both scenes contain good character work and story setup, and the sex is pretty spectacular all the way around. Jessy and Jade really shine, and the audience will definitely leave satisfied.


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