Super Cute 16

Hard X
Super Cute 16

Immediately following director/videographer Mason’s gushing interviews with this handful of darling-looking newbies, the fresh foxes get down and dirty with veteran pud-swingers in the sixteenth volume of the superb series from Hard X.

And what an opener with DVD cover model Dakota Tyler, who’s as sweet-looking as they come; her spinner’s body, warm/friendly eyes and sparkling smile all being enough to fully get you off, which she does soon enough to Mick Blue. Aside from those pert titties, Tyler has a tight little butt and possesses a wonderfully meaty pussy. For a 20-year-old, she sucks dick expertly, Mickey soon quickly sticking his dicky in her sticky hole via missionary. Lucky bastard. Dakota plays with her clit as Blue boy hammers away. Her groans sound sincere enough. And check out all the delectable pink flesh making up that tasty vagina during spoon. Wow! Ditto for reverse-cowgirl, while cowgirl with this babe is just as out of this world and boner-bursting as spoon. Dakota is devastatingly precious—even with a mouth fulla cum. Love her to death!

And we get a marvelous contrast with petite five-foot-tall honeybunch Dakota against pretty Olivia Madison, who’s a tantalizing six-foot-four (without heels!); the tall and rangy Ms. Madison bravely taking on wild, asshole-ripping Ramon Nomar. And what a juicy butt the gorgeous Olivia possesses, which the Ram-Man wastes no time in, well, rammin’ via standing doggie; Ramon sticking it right up the asshole. She loves it! During missionary-anal (just like doggie up the crack), she seems torn (you can say that again) ‘tween pleasure and pain. Olivia is shivering with orgasms during reverse-cowgirl-anal, while cowgirl-up-the ass shows off the lusciousness of her butt, as Nomar continues to royally ream that ripe rectum. After some missionary-anal, sweaty Olivia dives into a hungry ATM. Good girl! Then it’s spoon-anal, with Ramon finger-fucking her pussy as she screams with ecstasy, our unstoppable stud soon getting the marvy submissive down upon her knees and spraying jizz all over her freckles. Yeah!

We’re back to the petite set, as the squeaky-voiced, cute, 4’11” Demi Hawks makes it with macho man Codey Steele, who kisses her over and over again before (finally!) sucking on the babe’s bit-sized titties, afterwards really ramming her pussy with his prick; a true highlight being his hoisting lil’ Demi off the ground and banging her in mid-air via missionary. She excitedly rides him during cowgirl; Codey occasionally smacking those tight ass cakes as he rubs her little asshole. Watch how the limber Demi stretches her legs during reverse-cowgirl. I dig how she moans and screams during slamming missionary, followed by Steele depositing several dollops o’ sperm into her cake hole, all of which she duly swallows, at which point we notice her own adorable (supposedly authentic) freckles.

Wearing braces, redheaded, buxom, fair-skinned babe Samantha Reigns is a charmer whom the returning Ramon quickly savages, much to Sammy’s pleasure; our girl getting deeply fucked up her own tuchus. Reigns has boobs big enough to fuck, which Nomar delights in doing; our girl simultaneously sucking the tip of his cock. She has a butt plug up her anus, so we know where this is heading. After a little sucking by a pool (amidst overcast weather), it’s doggie-anal, then pounding reverse-cowgirl up the ass (her full boobs a bouncing!), a romantic ATM (“My ass tastes so fucking good,” she purrs), butt-jiggling cowgirl-anal with hair-pulling (shake it, baby!), another cute ATM (check out how fully-spanked ass cheeks are fire-engine red by now), deep spoon-anal, some famished pussy sucking, reaming missionary-anal, another darling ATM, screaming reverse-cowgirl-anal, before the Ram Man deposits jam inside her anus; Sammy cleaning off his soiled sword and the remaining jizz, while doing her best to squeeze out the cum from her well-hammered anus, the scene fading out as she gets close to rose-budding her butthole. Damn!

All of four of these cuties kick ass, my faves being the ridiculously precious Dakota, as well as delightful anal princesses Samantha and (mama!) Olivia, whom I definitely wanna see a lot more of. Recommended!


Petite brunette Dakota Syler has some erotic fun with a passionate fuck on the couch Olivia Madison gets taken in the living room. Adorable Demi Hawks likes to have a little fun in the bedroom. Samantha Reigns is a redhead with a penchant for fucking by the pool.

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