The Swords: First Mission

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The Swords: First Mission

The third installment in NakedSword Originals’ sprawling action-adventure series “The Swords” features an international cast as Falcon exclusive and newly trained Sword agent Andre Donovan races to locate a MacGuffin before a pair of devilishly handsome bad guys (Josh Moore, Cade Maddox) can enact their villainy.

In the world of The Swords, Falcon Studios has long served as a secret front for government operatives, with such iconic stars as Al Parker, Mike Branson, Colby Taylor and Eric Hanson having been pressed into service over the years.

Prior installments include “The Swords,” an action-packed feature set in the snowy mountains that introduced the series, and “Physical Evaluations,” an all-sex offering focused on a top-secret training facility where potential spies have their skills put to the test.

Deep inside a swanky Parisian bathhouse, Maddox crosses paths with Sword agent Pol Price, who is a strong sexual match for him. Prince slurps down his topman’s famously thick, curving boner and easily keeps up as Maddox fucks him sideways. Prince happily submits and blasts out a nice cumshot as he’s being fucked; Maddox, for his part, drops a load on Prince’s eager tongue. Despite their hot hookup, Maddox has deadly plans for Prince.

Agent Donovan meets up with beautiful Irish studpup Dean Young, who fills him in about Maddox’s evil plans. A couple of fans spot them, however; to preserve their cover, they decide to film content together (just go with it). Their hookup crackles with sexual heat; Young gags on Donovan’s thick boner and slathers it with spit, while Donovan snacks on Young’s pretty hole like he’s never tasted anything so good, and then literally folds Young in half to fuck him. Donovan pounds his buddy into the mattress and leads him to blast out a splattery gusher of a cumshot.

After their pop shots, dastardly Josh Moore suddenly appears and kidnaps Young, and takes him back to the bowels of their bathhouse where he is (lightly) tortured. The dialogue is peppered with comic moments (“I told you already, I do not want to do a collab!” Young protests). As Donovan attempts to distract Maddox, Moore decides he wants to ravish his prisoner While Young’s hookup with Donovan had a friendly give-and-take, this time Moore utterly dominates the eagerly submissive pup. Young chokes on Moore’s thick cock down to the root; deep kissing and slavish ass-eating are choice. Young once again demonstrates he can take a hard, fierce pounding and beg for more punishment; watching Moore stuff his tight little butt with thick meat is a real pleasure.

A nicely edited fight sequence between Donovan and Maddox ends with the latter briefly gaining the upper hand. The action then shifts to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, where chemists Logan Moore and Sean Austin are supposed to be working on Maddox’s MacGuffin pill.

Moore and Austin are similarly built musclebods; Moore is scruffy, while Austin, a superstar content creator, is smooth with sensual dick-sucking lips and a truly world-class ass. They cavort by the ocean and drive into the countryside for vigorous oral worship and assplay. Austin eagerly slurps and gobbles Moore’s cock and loudly bellows with pleasure when he’s eaten out. They move indoors for a sweaty fuck session; Austin offers a string of constant encouragement and he is rewarded with an impressive, sticky facial that paints his handsome features.

Back in Paris, none other than Dani Robles rides to the rescue and overpowers Maddox and Moore. (“I’ll do anything!” Maddox claims in an attempt to save himself. “I’ll bottom!”) The next day, Robles and Donovan enjoy a celebratory bang; the bearded Robles is trim and dreamily handsome in a tight, well-tailored suit – he is perhaps best known for his work with the well-suited studs of MenAtPlay – and wears his dress socks as he’s being fucked. Again, the cock worship and slavish ass-eating are top notch. The butch Robles looks mighty good taking cock from Donovan, and jerks out an impressively voluminous fountain of seed.

MVP honors to Donovan, who easily shoulders a leading role and handles comic dialogue with style, but the voracious Young almost steals the show. MacNamara’s sly editing, particularly for the fight sequences, and a script that doesn’t take itself seriously are among the highlights. This ambitious series continues to pay off in spades.


Fresh off his training to join an elite group of porn star secret agents, new recruit Andre Donovan is jetting off to France for his First Mission. Directed by the award-winning Marc MacNamara and filmed on location in Paris and Lanzarote, this third installment of the The Swords saga sees Andre teaming up with a crew of international gay porn stars in an attempt to thwart Cade Maddox and Josh Moore as they gear up to distribute a life-threatening truth pill that transforms your everyday lies into a real-life truth. Will these men stop these menacing schemes and dubious clan of bad guys? Will good prevail when this international showdown comes to an explosive face-off? All will be revealed as Andre aligns himself with the world's top bareback agents to complete his very First Mission.

Deep in a Parisian bathhouse, Swords agent Pol Prince is the first to try and stop this evil plot, but is quickly foiled when he comes face-to-face with Cade's talented tongue. Dean Young can't be seen in public with Andre for fear of their secret mission being blown, so as a cover for why Andre is in Paris, the twunk suggests they film some fan content together. The impromptu hookup ends with Dean being taken by Josh, and soon the young agent finds himself tied up and being fucked by his hung captor in the back room of a bathhouse. Over in Lanzarote, chemists Logan Moore and Sean Austin are supposed to be finalizing the formula for Cade's truth pill, but are instead taking a break with some roadside public play. As they fail to deliver the finalized pill on time, special agent Dani Robles teams up with Andre to stop Cade and Josh from poisoning the world.

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